Monday, May 28, 2012

Of good cafes, of bad cafes

hi!! here to share on one good cafe and one bad cafe that I visited recently (ok, one was in Mar lol)!

shall start off with the bad one first only cuz i went there first!

might be quite surprising to all but the bad "cafe" i'm referring to here is none other than Kombi Rocks.. ok, must say tt their food is not all that bad.. just that the service we received was really really bad!

we went on a Sunday at arnd 12.30pm.. wkend lunch crowd I know... there was arnd 6 - 7 tables of diners.. so we placed our orders and waited...

and waited...

and waited somemore...

when we finally got our food, guess how long we have waited? 1.5hrs!!! I'm totally NOT exaggerating.. we kept on enquiring abt the status of our order and we eventually found out the reason: they had only ONE chef cooking at tt time!

we found it really unacceptable to only have ONE chef during weekend lunch time peak period.. especially for a cafe/restaurant that had been so aggressive in their marketing (aggressive in the good sense)! shldn't they be more prepared to handle a large crowd? even if its like a last min thing where their other chefs cldn't make it to work, they shld at least warn their customers ahead.. like maybe say "we are a little short-handed today, will you be willing to wait for XX mins?" etc.. manage your customer's expectation!

and we weren't the only pek chek ones tt day.. a few tables of customers didn't wanna wait any longer so they left.. tt's lost business for you (and highly doubt they'll be returning business)..

ok, enough ranting.. pics time!
Kombi Rocks' theme revolved round their Kombis
and other vintage vehicles!

if you like vintage stuff, u'd definitely like the decor of this cafe/restaurant..

ordered this cuz the root beer was sold out when we went =(
but this is quite nice!

love the pattern of the tiles on their table

food-wise, they serve thai-chinese cuisine and heard tt the current boss took over his father's zi char biz and rebranded the restaurant into Kombi Rocks..
gd re-branding i must say.. love the concept!

thai fishcake was not bad but a bit charred

hor fun..
not tt gd.. we suspect tt the quality of the food dropped tt day cuz of the rushed cooking

fried rice also ok only

sis like this red wine chicken..
i found it ok only

this was one of the Kombi tt was on-site tt day
think it was used for a wedding cuz of the flower decor in front
they do rental of Kombis for special events or photoshoots

and found this cool ride parked somewhere nearby.. so chic!

another of the Kombi behind me..
my OOTD was's boho top =)

did a collage using the Photo Grad app! i like the app =)


its really near my plc so MAYBE will give it another try one day.. may be i shld go during off peak, to play safe.. heehee


ok so after the bad cafe, here's the good one!

its none other than.... ARBITE!

wanted to try this for the longest time and after hearing all the gd reviews, we finally made a reservation and headed down on mother's day! =)

really dunno why we waited so long to go try, after all its like really near my plc too!

the only slight thing I didn't really like abt the plc is its a tad small..
and cuz it was rather packed tt day, it was noisy and a biiittt warm

tt's why i heard you must always make a reservation before going down..

happy foodies~

my pumpkin soup! i like but a bit thick n

grilled chicken with rice which is quite gd

smoked salmon on toast..
din try this but apparently its not bad

my egg benny!
omg loooovvee it sooo much!
even though its not on english muffin bread, it was still yums!
and S$10.90 (before gst n svs chg) is quite reasonable as compared to other cafes

the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream is majooorr yummy!!
warm choc cake + cold ice cream! omg... u mussstt try this if u are there!

some collages i made using Photo Grad app again..

if you're interested in dining at ARBITE, here's the restaurant's details:


66A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962

Tel: 6287 0430
Opening hours:
Tue to Fri - 11.30am to 10.30pm
Sat and Sun - 11.00am to 10.30pm

ok, leaving you with  some pics of me which i made playing with the PhotoGrad app.. lol
made the 2nd one my fb DP!

and the prints on my dress tt day!
looovvee it~
OOTD is a dress i bot online from a china website =)


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