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6th May 2012: Huiping's Special Day (Part 1)

one of my close frens got hitched early this month!

so happy for her, Huiping, from my JC clique~ She's the 2nd out of 7 of us to get married! there's 2 more weddings coming up from my JC clique this yr... so it's gonna be a bz yr for us! haha

i was abit scared of being Jie Mei again cuz from the past 2 experiences, I cldn't sleep the night before (due to anxiety from having to wake up dam early)!

So i planned ahead and decided to wake up early the day before (woke up at 9+am k! wanted to wake up at 8am but tt didn't happen as i slept at 2+am cuz mj ended at 1+am.. lol), so that i'd be sleepy tt night and will be able to fall asleep!

My plan worked! =) and i also was v happy i managed to nap in between the morning gate-crashing session and the dinner banquet..

anyway, enuff of me and more of the couple! the couple met each other @ NUS where both of them pursued an Architecture degree! I feel they are a v sweet couple and the guy is a v nice person! Can tell frm the various outings we had where he also tagged along.. and i'm v sure he will take good care of my friend.. so v happy for her!!

i'm gonna split this post into 2 cuz i got ALOT of photos to share!! so here's the first part..

::28th April 2012: Hen's Night!::

Our clique's hen's night has always been simple and different! Cuz all of us don't like to club.. and like to avoid crowds..

and the bride din wan to just go for dinner so we had a picnic instead!

went to Tanjong Beach @ Sentosa..

the food!
we had bee hoon, otah, pasta salad, garden salad and dim sum!
oh and the bride bot a cake and drinks..

i made the pasta salad!
first time making and i declare it a success cuz my frens say nice!
decided to make this cuz i've always loved pasta salad
its realllyyy simple to make.. just boil pasta, add in all the veg and stir with italian dressing!

 the cake the bride bot us!

night picnic is not really a gd idea cuz its soooo dark @ the beach! only got a few pathetic lamp lights.. so we resorted to the Torch Light App on iPhone.. lol..

afterwhich we went to the nearby shed to take pics cuz there got light!

but we were quite lucky cuz there was a party @ Tanjong Beach Club so we had "free" music.. lol

too bad Amanda cldn't join us, if not wld haf been full attendance! nonetheless, we had fun eating and chatting, just like JC times =)

::6th May 2012: Huiping's Big Day - Morning Session::

this was our jie-mei outfit!
the skirt is from h&m.. had to buy from a brand tt carried diff sizes cuz of me la.. haha.. i can't wear all those free-sized stuff.. cuz either too small or too short..
thankfully we found this!

we were supposed to pair it with a white top of our own..
and i happened to buy my white top from h&m too.. lol

the couple was going for a retro theme.. the bride bot us each a polka dot hairband and i think it really made our outfit quite retro looking! and the color of the skirt we bot also matched the hairband color which was great.. see pics below!

these 3 pics above are from Ken Studio
for this post, those pics w/o watermark of my blog are from them..
the rest with watermarks are either mine or my friends'

Anyway i quite like the photog from tt studio.. he was quite friendly la..
quite uncle-ly but i feel he's those kind who will take ur suggestions on how to pose/take pics
not like some who will insist on their own view/style
and his pics turned out great imo!

us Jie-Mei's getting ready for the gate-crashing session
putting tog the final touches

one monkey face shot with the pretty bride!
pam, yz and amanda (2nd, 3rd and 5th from left) cheat loh.. those are not monkey/funny faces!

the welcome drink for the groom + brothers
bittergourd juice + coffee powder.. lol

see we so nice, make sandwich for them!
lol.. inside is lemon (), kaya (), bittergourd () and chili padi ()!
for the moments the couple shld go through together!

made this from the heart-shaped sandwich cutter from CovetedSG! If u haf gate-crashing games to plan, this is a good idea i feel! heartshaped so v apt for the games

anyway, our gate-crashing games revolved arnd this crossword puzzle (amanda knew of this crossword puzzle generator sofware/programme so she did this.. we all came up with the qns together)!
basically, all the questions are abt the bride and the groom hafta pic one each time to answer
but sneaky us made it vvvv hard for him to guess the answers so tt when he gets it wrong, they need to do forfeit! lol
e.g. bride's best friend = her mum = Mary Tan but we put Tan Mary cuz tt's her ic name.
and one question is bride's tallest friend (me)! but the groom dunno my english name so he guessed my chinese name but can't fit into the boxes.. lol

 first forfeit was this:
groom was to put the cucumber (with toothpick on top) between his legs while his brothers suppose to tie two balloons such tt its strategically positioned "there"
then the groom was given 1 min to burst all the balloons!

they actually did burst in time but we say they do wrongly.. lol
so angbao come!

next forfeit was for the groom to identify the bride's eyes, nose and mouth from jumbled pieces of facial features (all of the jie-mei's features actually + the bride's of cuz)!
i prepared this! we all took rather hideous close up pics of our face.. the sacrifice i tell u! haha

and thanks to sis' bf for helping me print! the toughest part was making the blank face cuz my PS skills ain't tt good..

end up, the groom got it right! dam lihai la..
i mean the eyes are dam obvious cuz us jie mei all haf distinctively different eyes..
but the nose and mouth dam hard cuz the nose curves etc are not tt visible and the mouth so hard to tell!
he must really know his bride well..*clap clap*

but we still say wrong of cuz, and asked for ang bao! haha

then the next forfeit was for them to go collect 5 wishes from the neighbours and to take a picture (using a polaroid cam) with those who wrote on the board

i made this too, as mentioned in my previous post!

end up i think they only collected 2 real wishes from neighbours.. the rest were all written by themselves (revealed by the video taken by the!
and they only submitted one real pic which was taken with the bangladesh sweeper! lol
as u can see, there are tamil words on the board... me and RL laughed non-stop when we saw tt.. haha

then the last forfeit was the heartshaped sandwich, which they din finish! they only ate the edges while the "good" parts were in the centre.. they knew cuz they opened the sandwich up -_- (these were also revealed by the video.. haha)

here's some more photos of the morning games:

brothers arrived at bride's place

 they very hardworking, practiced songs to perform for the video..
here's them singing otw to the bride's house

 we tied this on the gate gril.. reads "Caution - Wild Girls"
this was given to the bride by her colleagues and the bride tot it was a good idea to tie across the gate =)

the contents of the angbaos we received (each brother had one hidden under their hats)!
ranged from chinese yuan to afghanistan money!
and also toto and 4d tickets!

we googled the exchange rate for the afghan $ and found tt 10k afghan = S$258!
dunno true anot.. my fren's gonna go money changer to check..

after we got the final angbao, the groom was supposed to say nice things to convince the mum to open the door for him..
the bride's mum dam funny la.. the groom only said "i buy you fries" and she already wan open!
then we stopped her and the groom said "i let u win 5-tai mj" and she wanted open again! lol..
but we managed to stop her again and only let her open when he said he'd take gd care of the bride =)

then at the tea ceremony, the mum told him "remember to buy me fries ah!" (and she said in a way which showed she meant it and really want fries)
soooo cute!
found out from my fren tt her mum lovess fries but the family dun let her eat cuz of health reasons..

yay! the couple unite!

anyway, if u're interested in watching, here's the Morning Highlights Video!

we then proceeded to the groom's house and then the couple's own house!

yup, they rented a volksvagen vintage van! cuz they really love vintage/retro/old school stuff!
i esp like the last pic.. doesn't look like spore don't u think? looks like autumn! haha

and i loovvvee what they had done to decor their own house so far! see pics below!

 vespa models cuz they both drives a vespa each!

they also love lao fu zi! hehe

volksvagen van model

love the wall texture! gives it a v unique backstreet diner feel!

vintage decor on the dining table

and then we went back to the bride's house for tea ceremony (i was in-charge of collecting angbaos during tea ceremony! stress cuz needa take care of the money + note down which angbao is from who!)

 and then set off again for the phototaking!

went to this place @ Portsdown Road!

 some of the non-prof pics first.. lol

photoshopped this to give it a nice floral background but #fail cuz my PS skills no good..
i still like the background tho!

and these are the prof photos:

 suppose to act "sao" (sultry) in this pic but fail.. we are just not tt kind.. haha

 and then act cute with the flower face pose
we nearly wanted to trade positions with the guys and do the jump instead la

we did this best! act shocked at the guys throwing their hats!

the photog said the jie meis "hen hui yen" (i.e. really know how to act) haha

like this last pic too! so cool!
photog said its his first time trying this! but came out really well!

alrighty! tt's all for the morning session! will blog abt the night session soon (i hope)~

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