Saturday, May 19, 2012

6th May 2012: Huiping's Special Day (Part 2)

here's Part 2 of my friend's big day! this will be all abt the dinner banquet..

so after the morning session, we left at arnd 1+ and reached home arnd 2pm.. managed to sneak in a quick nap and bath before heading down to the Singapore Flyer banquet room (Megu) at 530pm..

she had her solemnization outside the banquet room.. which had quite gd view! anyways, her solemnization was at 6+ and dinner banquet at 7+pm (eventually started 8+ so we felt like we've been there dam long alrdy.. haha)..

bride march-in with her father!

some of us at the solemnization

we were initially helping out with the arrangement of the wedding favours cuz the couple bot their own wedding favours (pics shown later on below)! and cuz they put name "tags" on the gifts, we had to put the wedding favours according to each table where the guests were to be seated.. continued with this after the solemnization..

this was actually my allocated task for the nite but i cldn't do it alone (200+ guests!) so the xiong di's and jie meis helped out =)

 the couple placed their real vespas inside the banquet hall! so cool!
nice decor, no? =)

 some of their pre-wedding pics..
posting more below! (scroll down to see)

 another of the bride's creation: milo tins as ang bao boxes!
she was afraid the banquet staff wld throw them away mistakenly so i suggested putting ribbons or the "Xi" word.. she did both! haha

this was their "guest" book..
each guest cld pick one card, write at the back and then put in the provided envelopes..
quite gd idea hoh..

no idea where they got this..
but super apt cuz their wedding was at the Singapore Flyer lol

the three pretty ladies who were allocated "recept" duties..
poor thing, they were the busiest while the other 3 of us just sat there waiting for the banquet to start
(our duties more slack, like helping the bride dress etc)

they were even serving finger food which were quite yummy! good cuz i was sooo hungry tho i ate a bit before leaving the house (also had lunch..).. guess i worked up an appetite after the morning activities.. lol 

 group shot before the guests started arriving..

first dish: cold platter..

yay clear soup! chicken, mushroom and fish maw
no sharks fin, yay!
i'm trying not to eat sharks fins cuz i dun even like it tt much anyway..

roast chicken.. quite gd!

after tt, forgot to take pics of the dishes alrdy.. haha

these were used for the yam seng!
great idea rite! so unique~
(think the couple bot this especially.. and all guests had one each..)

this was the wedding favour!
its a model house (to fix urself)..
they chose this because both of them are architects.. they met cuz both studied architecture at NUS!

youngest member at our table! my fren amanda's 1+yr old.. Alden!

with his dad..
alden is super cute la!

 sitting on his dad.. lol

the whole nite we only camwhored with the vespas.. haha.. din take pics elsewhere.. lol

 us with the pretty bride!
the only full group shot for tt nite~

me with the pretty bride!

and these are the couple's pre-wedding shots.. they're also rather unique! =):

yoga poses cuz the bride is into yoga!

 i think the bride looks so sweet in these pics!

 posing with their fave comics..

a more formal shot..
her gown has a transparent back mesh so it look like its backless!

this is cool..
taken thru their vespa's mirror

ok! tt's all the pics i have!

hope that the two of them will have a blissful marriage and stay healthy and happy together forever! =) 

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