Friday, May 11, 2012

Flower Fetish

yup i think i may have a flower fetish. a HUGE one!

i blame all the pretty flower prints that have been sprouting out in all the spring collections. From retail shops like h&m, topshop to blogshops!

i really love this yr's spring collections.. lace + flowers! soooooo pretty! but not healthy for my wallet =( plus, my closet's bursting!

and the flower fetish does not apply only to clothes alone loh..

i even bot a real flower! haha

cldn't resist buying this sunflower cuz it looked so pretty n cheery!
its a REAL flower k.
and cost $1.50.. pretty ok i feel

sad thing is tt it cld only last for 5-6 days.. =(

i also bot these fake sunflowers cuz they look so perfectly shaped!
and i love the colour..
$3 i think~

a flower beautifies a photo by bounds! haha

and i also couldn't resist buying this cotton on PJ shorts la!
i really love the floral prints on this one!
and i was really happy tt i cld fit into these cotton on shorts..
cuz when i tried abt 3 yrs ago, i cldn't fit into cotton on PJ shorts.. and i nv lose much wt frm 3 yrs ago..
so my conclusion is tt they upped their sizes... tt's gd news for me! heehee
2 for $30!

aiya, i'm sure u'll be seeing MUCH more flower/floral printed stuff on me in future posts.. lol (if u noticed, the previous posts also got floral printed stuff already!)

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