Monday, May 07, 2012

21.04.12: Sisi's Wedding

attended my friend's wedding last mth @ La Villa!

first time attending a friend's wedding dinner tt is NOT held at a hotel banquet room (not counting church wedding la)~

was rather excited cuz its an italian restaurant (love italian food!) and heard its a v pretty place!

and it was really pretty~

flowers at the reception table.. they were arranged in a heart shape!

unique "guest book" where the jie mei's helped u take a polaroid and you write ur wishes on it..
then they displayed it like this..
we were rather early so we cld place our photo in the frame like thingy.. heehee

outdoor seating for most of the guests cuz the restaurant not tt big..
but they set up a tent + it was quite cooling tt nite.. so still ok!

our table!

the solemnization was held right before the dinner, on the lawn area outside the restaurant..
here's the bride's father handing the bride over to the groom..

JP solemnizing the marriage..

the pretty setting..

yay, finally man and wife!

us girls on one side of the table..

and on the other side..
we are the earlier birds..

mr heng flew back from US esp for this wedding!
acting cute in this pic by posing with the candy floss!
there was a candy floss machine at the wedding n someone making candy floss for all the guests

this was also the first time i've attended a buffet style wedding!
its great tt we get to choose wat food we want and how much of each..
but then, cuz there were only 2 buffet stations, there was a long queue at each..
and dunno why the queue moved super slowly!

but then, the food was great~
and this was also the first wedding where there was an actual wedding cake which all the guest cld help themselves too!
the cake was delish too.. lychee alcohol flavour.. and the alcohol flavour wasn't tt strong so it was great to me =)

the couple also gave us each an ang bao with a 4d ticket inside..
the ang bao was hidden below our chair's cushion..
one of the xiong di asked us to check below our chairs and we found this!
the ticket was for tt nite's 4d draw and the xiong di read out the top 3 winning numbers..
but i think no one striked 4d tho.. haha..
but it was a novel idea.. loved it =)

don't have any pics of the bride and groom close up in my iphone.. only took with them with the prof photog's camera and those pics will prob won't be out for a LOOOONNGG time..

so i'll just post some of their wedding photos which they took in Germany which i took off FB.. heehee..

the pics are dam gorgeous la.. and so is the bride! she did her own hair and makeup cuz din haf any stylist and makeup artiste there with them.. lihai rite..
 my fave pic is the 2nd one i've posted above..

if i ever get married, i also wan take wedding photos overseas... in european ctys if possible cuz of their beautiful architectures~

am gonna leave you with pics of my outfit tt day!

ASOS floral tube dress! super happy to have found this dress..
loving floral prints lately!

closer shot of the prints
(plus having good hair day tt day cuz i blow dried my hair.. haha)

2 more weddings to blog abt! esp the one yest where i was one of the jie meis!

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