Monday, June 11, 2012

Mandarin Gallery: Arteastiq + Antoinette!

before i go into the post proper, need to post smtg first!

omg this is from wayyy back! just keep forgetting to post! hehee

long story short: qualified for the Great Radio Game (i.e. lucky draw), went for the 2nd year and din win anything for the 2nd year in a row.. lol

BUT!! got to meet one of my fave DJs of all time!! Yasminne from Class95!

managed to get a pic with her!
and she loved my self-blinged iPhone cover! she said "bling bling i like!"
and she remembered me when i twitted this pic.. cuz on and off i've been replying to her tweets

she also remembered me when i called thru to her programme shortly after i met her tt day.. =)
when i mentioned my name, she said "are u who i think u are? are u on twitter?" lol

i like her cuz she's so bubbly and optimistic! so opposite frm me.. so need to learn frm her!

gosh.. i sound like a big fan.. lol!! =X

some of the other DJs who were there.. other than Yasminne, i only recognise Divian (from 987) in this pic..

from #photograd!

:: Arteastiq ::

and then sometime in mid may, i signed up for an event tt my company organised! been wanting to do canvas painting and just nice my co. was organising sucha activity at discounted price!

original price was $48 for 3 hrs of painting but we only paid $28.. #shiok!

the venue was Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery and it was the first time I stepped into Mandarin Gallery proper after their major overhaul (not counting the time when i just walk thru it)!

anyway there is a painting "studio" next to Arteastiq tea lounge which is also opened by Arteastiq~ the price quoted abv comes with 3 hrs painting, a canvas which u can bring home, unlimited use of paint, paint brush and ice tea! v worth it, imho.

rough sketch of the painting i wanted to do..

inspired by Jimmy Liao  幾米, the famous taiwanese illustrator and one random butterfly pic and one random flower pic i found online.. haha

they actually also have files of pictures which u can choose from to follow/paint, if u have no idea wat to paint..

my working station!

they also prepared everything nicely for u and help u wash up! mad hate washing palettes and brushes cuz the paint nv seem to go off and u get ur hands stained!

and me with my finished piece!
i think my painting is rather simple.. found it ok only..
and dunno why, somehow everyone who was there seemed to be able to paint dam well..
i really found mine the worse of the lot.. lol
oh well, not bad for first try!
i wldn't mind going back to paint again~ its really quite therapeutic =)

and not to worry if ur paint has not dried.. cuz they put it in this box for u which has spacing in front of ur pic so it won't stick to the box/stain the box!
v totful design!

a closer view of my painting.. hehe..
gonna hang this in my room!

took this shot in the lift..
posting cuz i think its rather artistic and i look like a arts student, no? haha

anyway, OOTD is my capris pants from New Look! i loovvee the prints! mad chio

:: Antoinette ::

cuz i was at Mandarin Gallery, i looked for Antoinette cuz i've heard many pple rave abt their cakes!

found it easily =)

pretty display and pretty cakes!

bot myself a cake!
their packaging reminds me of Tiffany cuz of the light blue color.. lol
and its so pretty!
but i bet we're all paying for the packaging too! one small cake came with this big paper bag too loh!

tried this milk chocolate cake which has earl grey flavour!
(after hearing ladyironchef mention this on his blog/twitter)

its not bad la.. but it just affirmed my dislike for earl grey flavour.. lol
cuz i liked it except for the earl grey taste! nv been a fan of earl grey.. english breakfast tea for me anytime over earl grey!

this little morsel cost me S$9++
ok la, once in a while must pamper ourselves =)

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