Friday, April 27, 2012

pieces of my life

here's a cha-pa-lang (miscellaneous) post of random snippets of my life =)

:: preparation for my friend's wedding::

one of my jc fren is getting hitched early next mth and i have jie-mei duties! 1st of possibly 3 jie-mei duties this yr~

anyway, was allocated 2 tasks to prep and one of it was to make the board for one of the games for the gate-crashing session..

the bride asked me to do this cuz she says i'm creative.. hahaha.. maybe cuz SHE's the most creative one amgst us and she's the bride so of cuz we won't ask her to do this rite? so i'm the nxt choice cuz i think the rest just not tt into art-sy stuff.. haha..

ok la, not complaining cuz i LOVE to do such things.. heehee

this was the rough sketch for the header of the board..
i actually totally ruined the first board when i tried to draw without doing a sketch first.. haha

and i decided to add in a FF bear to make the board prettier.. this is the rough sketch..

this is the bear all coloured in.. nice?
not my best FF bear drawing but i think passable rite?
i actually quite like it.. haha.. #thickskin

i actually copied the design from the mum's day card we got for mum..
i tot the bear v pretty..
xiang ma? my sis says my bear fatter..
k la, bear fat = cute ma!

and this is the final pdt..
was contemplating whether to remove the ribbon cuz scared not enuff space for the xiong di's to do their task..
but my frens say can just leave it..

:: clarisonic mia ::

sis bot this and i saw a blogger blog abt this pdt.. plus i've always find tt my cleansing routine is not clean enuff cuz facial ladies etc always say my pores v clogged! i blame it on me not knowing how to remove my foundation properly..

so i decided to splurge on a clarisonic mia!

i got this from Kiss and MakeUp (nice shop name!) which is from the US! total paid SGD 166 including shipping for this..

but if u decide to buy frm this website too, beware cuz their packaging came quite battered! the blogger who bot from here also received hers in bad packaging..

but then the pdt is ok, so tt's all good rite?

however, alldealsasia is having a deal on this now and it only cost SGD100! the SAME week i receive my mia, they haf this deal! #suay why u dun haf this deal earlier??? ggrrrr.. ya so, u all quickly go get frm alldealsasia..

oh but actually there is also the mia2 but more ex so i din get tt..

i just love tt they haf it in baby pink!
they also haf it in purple, white, blue and yellow..
of cuz i'd choose pink rite!

so far i've only used it twice so no comments.. but my sis says its really v gd cuz when she put toner, there's vvv lil residue on the cotton wool meaning tt most makeup had been removed by the mia!

:: vietnamese deep-fried spring roll ::

The blogger Shiberty blogged abt this great vietnamese spring roll recipe her bf has and i decided to try making too!

pretty simple.. just needa cut up all the ingredients and mix them tog!
all the ingredients mixed up!

and them roll the ingredients in spring roll pastry!
and of cuz, fry them...

voila~ yummilicious!
and u must make the sauce she mentioned in her blog post too k!
really shiok~

but dam sad cuz i got rashes the nxt day frm peeling uncooked prawn! i din know i'm allergic to tt! heng not allergic to COOKED prawn!

:: 25th Apr 12 aka my Friday the 13th ::
 (friday 13th cuz i got conned on this day + i tripped and got blood clot on my feet + other stuff which got me down)

took leave to attend this internet show (actually exhibition) at suntec.. but i got bored out after one talk and cuz had to STAND cuz too many pple.. and i can't stand and concentrate and take notes at the same time..
their "theatre" was actually just an area in the exhibition hall with a projector and seats... n i got wrong instructions! the person at the door said the theatre is at lvl 2 so i went all the way down and then the pple at lvl 2 said its at lvl 4 (exactly where i came from.. and its not as ez as going up/down escalators k.. walk frm one end to the nxt and then back -_-).. turns out actually both were right, just referring to different theatres (lvl 2's theatre is the REAL theatre.. lvl 4 is the makeshift one.. zzz)

got chance to wear my bling bling f21 blazer!
heng i brought the blazer or else i'd haf looked tooo casual..

closer shot of the sequins.. but still not v clear la huh..

as i left early, i had 2 hrs to kill in between cuz the nxt plan was to collect my prize but collection time frm 3pm onwards..

wanted to go sim lim to check out my camera and drove past Hotel Rendezvous and i remembered @btonelli (bobby tonelli) tweet abt baja fresh mexican food there! so i went there to get a burrito!

the burrito was dam huge la.. doesn't look so here but its dam thick! i tink at least twice the size of a subway wrap!

i got the Ultimo which had cheese, rice, veggies, sour cream and salsa..
and for the meat, i picked chicken (of cuz)

its really vvv good.. a bit pricey (S$12.95 for burrito + chips and free flow salsa) but i really love mexican food (mainly taco, burritos and quesadillas.. lol)!!
i think my love for mexican food sprang frm my Work and Travel USA trip to Santa Cruz..
we had mexican food there frequently cuz its so good!

lighting in the hotel's restroom was good so i camwhored! heehee
me in sleeveless! vvvv rare occurrence
top is frm h&m~ love it.. bag too~
both under S$20 each.. i love h&m.. pretty and reasonably priced stuff!

another camwhore shot!
love the crochet/lace panel =)

then went to sim lim..

my new cam (the one i got conned into buying)!
love/hate r/s with it now... when i see it, i feel so stupid!
haven got a chance to try it out yet.. it better live up to my expectation.. cuz it was really good when the con-man showed me all its functions..

i have half a mind to go and get my canon s100!! someone stop me pls! haha

and this is the prize i collected!
won this from Churp Churp by commenting on their blogpost! heehee
been trying to win frm their twitter acct @ChurpSG and frm bloggers giveaway but fail..
i really like it~ makes me happy just looking at it cuz its so cute.

oh the churp churp staff was really v friendly! said bye to me quite a few times =)

and i saw Joshua Ang outside the building, smoking! lol

ok, tt's all for now.. will blog abt 2 weddings next!

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