Monday, December 26, 2011

Reflecting on 2011

rushed this post cuz i'll be going on a cruise over the wkend and by the time i'm back, its alrdy 2012!

anyway, tot i'd do a reflection of the past yr, rather than reviewing my 2011 resolutions cuz i know i din keep them.. =X

Attended 4 weddings, 3 of which were my run mates' wedding (Huixian, Yifan and Ade) and 1 was chicky's wedding where I was one of her jie mei's... was v happy attending Chicky's wedding cuz we're so close.. although we had our differences over the yrs, she's definitely one of my closest friend/relative and it was happy seeing her get married =) The other memorable thing was Ade's wedding montage.. dam WOW.

organised a 60th bday celebration for mum this yr! this came pre-maturely cuz we din know it was counted via chinese bday and not english bday.. so the expd came as a big surprise.. but worth it cuz mum was v happy tt we held a bday dinner for her.. =)

Attended 2 musicals @ MBS - Lion King and Wicked! the former was paid for using mum's MBS pts whereas the latter I won from Class95!

The free concert was the 4 Male Leads concert which mum got tix for from RWS.

met Ms Universe 2011 (Ms Angolia) and Ms Ukraine unexpectedly! 1st time see-ing Ms universe contenders in person leh..

and i also saw my fave Thomas Ong unexpectedly when i went Lido for a movie~  

Top post was taken when i was much younger!

helped out setting up this blogshop selling Coach bags! biz not so gd so its unoficially closed haha.. but u still can get ur bags here!

had 2 staycations in 2011.. one was for sis' bday @ Crockford Hotel while the other was @ Festive Hotel for chenda's bday (blog post on this still o/s! heehee).

5D4N trip to Macau, Zhu Hai and HK from 20 to 24 Oct! good break away from work =)

added this pic just to show my nice blow dried hair haha

Once at the General Elections... (the hotly contested Aljunied GRC! WP vs PAP!) 

And another time at the Presidential Elections!

both times the party i voted din win! dam! haha..

and attended a rally for the first time! @ serangoon stadium.. dam crowded~ (*whispers* and boring)

bot a christmas tree with sis using our own money for the first time! we also bot the decorations and did the decor ourselves (mostly me with the help of chenda..)!

really proud of our creation =)

Other memorable things abt 2011:

- met a supervisor who tormented me for the first few mths of 2011! really dam sad.. luckily she left or else i don't think i'd still be at my current co. now..

- a china tenant stayed at my house beginning this yr! gd and bad lah huh

- frens falling sick (bigger than those minor illnesses)! but thankfully they're doing ok now..

- had my own cubicle for the first time!

- bot a lappie (ASUS!) w my own money for the first time~ (previously used my old uni one and ex office's)

guess overall it was an ok-ly year for me ba.. bad period was beginning of the yr but it turned for the better (but still ok only la huh)... overall still have much rm for improvement cuz i feel i'm still as suay as ever.. hopefully 2012 will be better!

not going to do my usual setting of resolutions for 2012 cuz i dun keep them anyway. the only resolution i think i shld set is to do regular exercise and hopefully my health will improve!

Adious to 2011 and Cheers to a better 2012~

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