Monday, December 05, 2011

November weddings~

tot i'd blog abt the november weddings i attended first, before chenda's bday celebration because that has much more pics and will take longer to blog and thus longer to publish a post.. heehee..

was invited to 2 of my run mates' (i.e. the "run" aka batch of pple tt joined my ex co on the same day as me.. ) wedding... the bad thing was that it was back-to-back weddings on the SAME weekend.. One was a sat dinner and the other was a sun lunch... not only did it leave me broke, it also left me dam tired and without a wkend.. =(

oh well, still wldn't have missed it.. worth sacrificing my weekend for.. heez

:: Yifan's Wedding @ Amara Hotel, 19.11.2011 ::

17 run mates excluding the bride! a rare sight to see so many of us together since the majority of us have left the co.~
the bride was extra pretty tt nite. i guess cuz she normally dun wear make up.. and cuz her make up was fab tt nite, she looked especially gd! love her dress too! so princess-y
second march in..

the orh-nee.. dun like it.. consistency was like glue.. too thick!

overall the wedding was not bad... food was ok except for the dessert..

oh!! my convertible dress suddenly came undone when we took a final pic with the bride n groom upon exiting the venue.. after taking tt pic, i turned and suddenly felt like my dress was unwrapping! i quickly grabbed watever i cld and heng i wore a cardigan.. so i used it to cover up and rushed to the toilet to re-tie! phew~ no one saw except one of my runnie who tried to help me.. haha..
nxt time need to pin liao when i wear this dress again..

my ootd.. my little bow's convertible dress in blue.. wore it in a sweetheart tube dress style..
and one more shot of me cam-whoring in the dress..  heez
another shot is the pic i have on the top right column of this blog.. =)

:: Adelene's Wedding @ Shangri-La Hotel 20.11.2011 ::

LOVE her wedding date! so easy to rem loh! but heard tt there were ALOT of weddings going on on that day..

it was my first wedding lunch! and also first time attending a wedding at Shangri-La!

but $120 for lunch is rather exorbitant.. but... ok la, for my perthie trip girlfren cum mj kahki (the original 4!) plus a v nice girl, its worth it!

solemnization started at noon and i was a lil late.. missed the walk in but din miss much of the ceremony.. the JP was hilarious.. what "u have been promoted from S to M (single to married)" and "remember to update your facebook status".. haha.. and he ended off with "huat ah!".. apparently he is a hotly coveted JP..

one thing abt Ade's wedding is tt she really went for the best of everything! from her bali wedding, to her well known photographer + videographer (moo media), to a wedding reception at shangri-la, to a hotly coveted JP! applause for her effort in putting it all together and pulling off a wedding every girl wld wish for!

pretty centre piece

oh! her wedding was chinese fine-dining style.. i.e. the dishes get apportioned at the side and served to us on our own individual plaes.. not like the usual style where the waiters just put the dish in the middle and all of us tuck in.. another first for me and another differentiating pt of the wedding! haha

dew's baby is dam cute la! he's not v frenly to strangers but he sure loves to post for the cam! (must have picked it up from his dad man.. ) he esp loved my iphone cuz of the bling bling cover.. haha.. his mum says he sure like my phone cuz v bling! and true enuff! he posed for my cam~ still got 3 diff pose sia! major cute

and he also initiated "playing" with me! his mum was sitting in between us and he like looked at me from the back of his mum, then moved to the front of his mum to look at me.. so i played along and move front and back too and tried to hide frm him.. haha.. i realise babies like to play this "game" hoh.. haha

ade's 2nd gown.. so shimmery tt she looks like a mermaid frm afar! great choice of gown!
18 runnies excluding the bride! =)

a shot with the couple
the happy couple..
the wedding favour was a pretty chinese tea cup

 dessert was mango cream w strawberry n pomelo.. a lil sweet tho..

the WOW element in the whole wedding for me was definitely her Bali wedding video highlights! it was so pretty and sweet and really looked like a movie trailer lo! vvv impressive! want to post it here but i can't cuz the bride only uploaded it on fb..  guess u can try to view it at the below url =)

the bride also rented this photobooth thingy where u can take pic and they print out for u on the spot.. only cld print one copy but u can download the soft copies from a website they provided.. these are the shots we took...

made them bigger so can see the small pics too..

 and my ottd was this dress from F21! i super heart this dress i tell u! the top black part is 3D rose bud pattern (i.e. not just printed on the cloth) and the bottom is chiffon! plus its baby pink~ and the bottom part flares out so its perfect for pear shaped ladies like me..

 and one more of me in the dress.. this is my twitter dp now!

talking abt weddings, i counted and if all the pple who i know are getting married invite me and i accept all, i have abt 8-9 weddings to attend nxt yr! scary in terms of time and money! omg, can they spread out the weddings pls? haha

oh well, at least i got a break and have no weddings to attend in Dec 2011~ ahha.. my next one is on 1.1.12 tho! o_O

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