Saturday, December 10, 2011

09.11.11: Chenda's bday celebration!

chenda's bday celebration was a simple affair since it fell on a weekday! cldn't spend the day w her so we arranged a bday dinner...

she wanted to try the yum cha ala carte buffet since she saw this promo where it was 1 dines free w 3 paying adults.. too bad mum cldn't join us this yr cuz she's out-stationed..

to me, the food was mediocre.. for the price ($32++ per pax if i'm not wrong), i'd even say its not really worth it.. food quality quite sub-standard.. as compared to other ala carte buffets i've been to like International Seafood (or is it seafood international? haha) and Peony Jade's.. the food quality at those 2 places are far better..

but the noodles and desserts are not bad here la..

after dinner, we went back home for the usual cake cutting... at the usual spot agn.. haha.. needa change curtains liao la.. every yr every one's bday also same backdrop.. =X

uber delish Bakerzin New York Cheesecake!!

pose was inspired by her tee! haha

they tried to mimick the tee.. but er, its suppose to be =P and not scary looking pose loh! fail!

this is how it's suppose to be done.. haha

hanging the bait


Happy Birthday Chenda! may u stay forever young and healthy~ Thanks for all the care u have given us and the sacrifices (ur youth mainly) u've made for us! Love you always =)

P.S. we went for a staycation tt weekend.. will blog abt it soon!

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