Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Tree~

Thought i'd sneak in a lil post this wkend or else i won't have time to do so next wk (busy xmas wk!!)..

went for a haircut last fri cuz my hair was getting a lil too long.. i like how it looks but it gets irritating sometimes..

wanted to go for a hairdye too and i bot this groupon which included haircut, treatment and dye.. but the salon was fully booked till Mar 12 lohz.. dam zzzz.. they oversold their groupons and they cldn't handle the sudden boom in biz.. they din even haf time to pick up their phone! had to leave my contact no. on their fb page before they called me back a few days later and told me the earliest apptm was in Apr 12.. zzzz

so, cuz i wanted to cut my hair badly, i went to Snip Avenue @ boon keng.. heehee.. only wanted a simple trim..

din dye my hair cuz if i'm dyeing it in Apr, shldn't dye it now.. too close alrdy, bad for hair..

me before the hair cut! actually i think my "before" hair shape suits me..

haiz.. the hairstylist cut my fringe a lil too short!! din realise it until i went home.. but the hair length is much more manageable..

and the hairstylist was quite nice.. really took his time to cut my hair n blow dry it.. think he spent abt 45 mins? and it only cost me $8.80.. haha.. how they make money ah?

ok, back to the main topic, as per this blog post's title.. haha..

asked sis if we shld buy a xmas tree and she agreed! coincidentally, groupon had a xmas tree deal.. got the biggest tree for $39.95 (Think originally was abt 70-80dlrs).. had to go carrefour to collect tho..

the tree after the first round of decorations!

the tree branches were rather sparse.. tot it looked a bit too skinny and not full enuff..

and xmas decorations are dam ex la! one ornament cost me $5...

i spent like $25 on 3 ornaments and 10 pcs of santa hats at this store at bugis which sells party stuff.. tot it'd be cheaper cuz it looks like those cheap wholesale plc but was wrong.. no wonder my fren spent like $120 on her christmas tree decor but hers was like one big bag!

these were the ornaments i bot from there..

i think they're dam pretty tho~

but cuz the tree was still v bare, sis and i bot more decorations.. total spent abt $60 on decorations..

tadah~ the end product.. so pretty!! designed by yours truly.. chenda and sis helped to hang the ornaments..

so proud of my creation haha!

found a lovely star for the top piece!

and i tied this bow!! proud again.. haha

got inspiration to add ribbons from all the xmas trees we saw at the stores selling decors..

we're not quite done w the xmas tree decor tho.. still needa put up the xmas lights~ pics another time =)

oh and i bot the highly acclaimed xmas album by Michael Buble, after the class95 DJ Yasminne raved abt it~ the songs are really quite soothing.. i listened to the whole album 4-5 times on the day i bot it.. haha..

my fave xmas song (not only on this album) is Winter Wonderland! but i'm starting to love "All I Want For Christmas Is You" too~

since christmas is also a time for giving, PLEASE please please give to the less fortunate too! visit
World Vision site today~ they have a xmas giving page where u donate to them and they'll use the money to buy stuff like water, food, blankets etc for the less fortunate.. donate k?? thanks!

hope all of u have a FANTASTIC and MAGICAL Christmas this yr!! =)

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