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10th Dec 2011: Wicked the Musical~

Another short post cuz i really haf no time to blog nxt week! super bz, starting w chicky's bday celebration dinner on Mon, mani + pedi on Wed, dinner with run mates on Thurs, possible sleepover with JC frens on Fri, Christmas party with JC frens on Sat, Dinner with Family on Sun and Lunch with Uni frens next Mon... zzzz.. only got tues nite to rest!

anywayz, back to Wicked~ heez

won a pair of tix on class95 a few mths back to catch the musical WICKED~ was uber happy because i've been wanting to catch it ever since i heard rave reviews of it...

i remember seeing the huge WICKED billboard when i went to NY.. but we din catch it then.. instead we caught Grease, which was good! honestly, nv knew WICKED was so popular when i was in NY.. haha..

anyway, our show was on 10th Dec 11 at 130pm.. 

we were like 10 mins late cuz i underestimated the time it took to travel by bus there.. the bus took quicker on a wkday lohz.. sian..

cuz we were late, we weren't let in even tho the show had not started when we reached! we were forced to stand outside and watch frm the MINI tv outside (i'm exaggerating cuz i'm pissed).. 
the image on tv was quite blur and the sound was not loud enuff.. totally dunno wat i was watching so i gave up halfway...

was made to stand outside for at least 20 mins and they din even give us an explanation why we need to stand there so long! so we dun care and just tried to sneak in cuz we saw pple gg in too.. but the usher inside din let us go to our seats.. by the time we were seated, it was alrdy like half hr into the show.. and i was soooo pissed it affected my mood and thus din enjoy the show as much..

i know they prob din wan us to disturb those who were already seated.. but face it, even if we go in 10 mins into the show or 30 mins into the show, we still will disturb the rest.. so why not just chop chop one shot seat all of us? dun understand.. the performers weren't even performing on the aisle which might somewhat explain why they din let us in.. sian max.. had half a mind to write in a complain letter (but too lazy... haha).

ok end of rant.. pics!
 area outside the Grand Theatre where all us latecomers were held..

cam-whoring during intermission~
a shot with the screen posters which changed every few secs ~

my review of the show (SPOILER ALERT!):
i tot the storyline was pretty basic - popular high sch girl (witch in this case) and a girl who was an outcast.. and the outcast ends up with the male lead.. and the 2 girls who hated each other at the start ended up becoming good friends..

but the voice of the lady who played the role "Glinda" was dammmm gooooodd!! she has a sing-song disney-princess voice! i felt her voice was sparkling (if u know wat i mean.. )~

the "Alphaba" (Green witch) voice was good too.. but in a different way..

costumes were spectacular la.. love the princess dress tt Glinda wore.. and i rem thinking tt if i ever got married, i want to wear a similar dress and all my jie-mei's will wear tt too.. for the dinner la... haha.. if they wear in the day, i think they'll wanna kill me cuz of the heat! haha..  heard the dress Glinda wore weighs 25kg~ omg i wonder how she walk in high heels in it loh.. walking barefoot in it wld already be a chore..

fave song of the musical wld be "For Good", the last song sang by both the female leads.. was sooo touching i nearly teared...

here's a clip of the song from its USA showing.. start watching from 1:23

overall the show is quite good.. i wanna watch it again cuz i wanna see the starting~ zzz

if u're planning to buy tix, word of advice is to get seats on the same level as the stage.. cuz i sat 2 levels abv the stage and i can't see the stage in full view.. so can't comment on the stage designs and settings (unlike lion king's one which was awesome)..

ok.. here's some pics I took at MBS:

so picturesque hoh!

chenda helped me take this pic but not same angle leh.. haha

oh and i wan share some stuff i bot~

bot this wicker (wicked, wicker.. haha lame) basket from King & King at NEX.. their stuff are shoo pretty one.. but ex.

and look wat i did to it! bot the ribbon from King & King too! and i copied the way they decorated their display baskets.. hehe.. bow and flowers are my idea tho.. but they're falling off liaoz..

my 2012 planner~ 

bot it from kikki k. at ion..  the color is my fave color lohz! this notebook is so me~ haha..

i was lucky cuz when i went down to buy, kikki k. was having a 25% storewide disc.. and cuz i also had a $10 capitamall voucher, i only paid $19.90 for this.. original pr was $39.90!!

and i gave in to temptation and bot this comforter/quilt from King & King!

wanted to buy the pink one at first but realised this design is actually prettier.. sooo happy~ $120.. this is my christmas gift to myself.. gonna keep it for CNY tho..

actually there are other stores selling this kinda quilts at cheaper prices.. theirs even have 2 pillow cases.. but the store i went din haf any nice designs.. found their designs mediocre only.. and i really loved the King & King designs more.. so went back to buy it.. heehee..

Hope all of u have a wonderful Christmas~ feast to ur hearts content k! =)

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