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Nov 2011 Staycation!

here's my LOOONGG overdued post on my staycation at Festive Hotel from 11 to 13 Nov 2011!

Festive Hotel is suppose to be a family oriented hotel but from the looks of the room we got, it wasn't really family-styled.. haha.. guess cuz they knew we din need a big family room..
::11th Nov 2011, Friday:: {it's 11.11.11!!!)
quite pretty n comfy~

this is a sofa-bed which can fit 2!

our "kids" came along too..haha

love the light arnd the mirror! it gives a "ring-light" effect! good for makeup and cam-whoring~

After checking-in (checked in after work.. ), we headed to USS to shop + have dinner..

on the way to USS, saw this nice xmas decor so went to take pic! heehee

went to get our ANNUAL FUN PASS! tho i think i won't fully utilise it -_-
yay~ happy nonetheless..
they also gave us each a USS lanyard and 2 collector pins! so nice~

after getting our pass, we went for dinner... 

had dinner @ Louis Pizza.. the pizza is really quite nice!
we orderd a chix burger each and shared the soup, pizza and salad..

then... we went shopping~~

so many gingies~ so happy to see them..
i wanna kidnap them all! but bot one only in the end..

managed to do most of my xmas shopping within the 2 times i visited USS tt weekend.. early, i know, but it beats squeezing w the xmas shopping crowd lo!

and we saw this hershey santa plushie.. cute too!

we also managed to catch a glimpse of the fireworks they put up every fri and sat nite for their USS hollywood night.. it was really pretty cuz had v bling bling n sparkly fireworks! much nicer than NDP's i feel..
anyway, i managed to film a video (my first uploaded YouTube video!!!).. enjoy~
was so tired after tt, we went back to the hotel to rest!

::12th Nov 2011, Saturday::

Day 2! started the day with brunch @ Festive Lounge..

sis with her chicken sandwich..

and me with my club sandwich!

we shared the caesar salad..

my ice chocolate which was basically choc mixed w milk..

sis kidnapped my mini duffy while we waited for our food =(

the food there was quite nice! and the staff were really friendly.. we waited quite long for our food tho but the staff explained tt its cuz some of the food were cooked at another restaurant..

After tt, we went back to USS to complete our shopping! mainly to go to the shrek n magadascar store cuz those sections weren't open at night..

it was raining at USS and we din haf umbrella.. so we bot the raincoats for $2 each.. its quite gd.. better than umbrella! tho our legs got really wet (but with umb, our legs also dam wet..)

me looking like a penguin! penguin #1

got xmas tree at the back! heehee

penguin #2! LOL

one nicer shot w the USS hollywood street for backgrnd..

and we saw PO as we were heading out! so we chope chope went to queue for a pic..

we went for a short tea break at Festive Lounge again after USS.. then slacked arnd in the hotel for abit and went for dinner at Palio~

omg i super LOVE this pumpkin soup!! SGD12 if i rem correctly~

ordered one pizza to share.. some parma ham one which was ok to me nia..

the seafood pasta was dam good too!! slurps~

and then we went for xmas photo taking! haha.. w the xmas decors =)

humpty dumpty~

5.. er i mean 3 little pigs.. LOL
i refused to be the 6th pig..

and this omg f-king chio butterfly/tinkerbell like structure..

wanted to use as my FB dp but its too dark =(

and also took photo w m&ms!!

went to candylicious to shop after tt.. 

these are fake cupcakes! they're actually small "boxes" for jewellery etc..

i bot the one in the fore front!

also bot a really cute pj set for chicky for her xmas pressie and chenda bot for us one green m&m's shaped cushion each..

then, we went to watch this crane show which i found really boring! yes, the crane was high (10 storeys i tink) but it basically is just these 2 construction crane like structures moving up and down and spraying water which is colored cuz of lighting.. and their body is a display screen which shows their hearts.. its abt them falling in love.. v boring la.. ahhaha

::13th Nov 2011, Sunday::

went for brunch @ Feng Shui Inn (again!).. but din take pics this time round.. food 2nd time round not as amazing leh.. and they somemore increased prs!

after brunch, we shopped abit then went home..
saw this swaroski crystal pen cum thumbdrive.. omg i love the pink one.. pink + bling = love~

and me cam-whored while waiting for them to check out.. the lighting was great.. natural lighting sia! haha..

this pic taken w natural sun light.. i din edit this pic w my iphone apps!

and one more taken at home which i did edit w filters only.. was wearing a hairband but think can't see clearly here.. i miss my this hair!! =( more messy but i think it looks more girly... cuz it was vvv long..

alrighty.. will blog abt christmas and NYE soon~

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