Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Diaries #1

decided to blog abt my random daily activities under the title "Fashion Diaries"!
so here's the first "instalment" lol
:: Accessories :: 

all accessories (except watch and bag) in this pic above are now available on CovetedSG!

these are also available on CovetedSG!
but sadly the bracelet on the bottom right is sold out
there's other pretty bracelets tho.. like these...
these braided charm bracelets are so in-fashion nowadays!
i super love them la.. go buy from CovetedSG!
me in the coral one and the pastel one..
and these are handmade by me! love the pastel friendship band =)
oh and CovetedSG is also selling these bag dust plugs! 
like the birkin ones tho i know how hot the celine bag is nowadays..
they are selling the celine ones at $9.90 and the birkins one at $11.90!
much cheaper than the ones i saw on another online shop..
speaking of bags, i bot a ted baker bag and wallet!

obssessed with floral prints!
and i love the baby pink on my new wallet.. which also has a bling bling clasp in a bow pattern!
:: Hair ::

went to chop off my LOOONNGG locks one day
actually its cuz my hair therapist said tt one cause of my thinning scalp is cuz of my heavy hair..
so my hair lenght is now like this..
this is how i look like on good-straight-hair days..
other days its just too puffy tt i end up tying it up... haha
i miss my long locks already!! =(

:: Nails ::

my candy crush inspired nails!
i think the trend now is to have different patterns and colours on each nails.. haha

another one!
i was trying to draw roses but fail badly la.. need more practice!
all these nail inspirations came after seeing so many nice nail designs on instagram! lol


tt's all for now.. till the next "instalment"~



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