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Manila & Boracay (18 to 23 Jun 2012): Part 4

last part of my Manila/ Boracay travelogue! determined to blog this before it becomes 1 yr since i went on tt hol.. lol

::21st Jun 2012::

last day in boracay before we flew back to manila!

took a last walk down the beach as we had time to kill before our pickup to the airport arrived..

Decided to get inked since we were flying off alrdy and wouldn't stain the hotel bedsheets & towels..


the final result:

did a "bracelet"like tattoo on my wrist..

and a butterfly one at the base of my neck..
ok la.. its actually henna and not tattoo! don't think i can bear the pain of tattoo (and the permanency)..
and then we (mainly me) grabbed a quick bite before heading off.. 

crepe!! think its peach smtg.. haha

and the ugly looking hot dog.. love eating hot dogs!



 boracay also got hobbit house! its a restaurant btw
and then it was time to leave boracay! 

i found nemo! lol
i think we waited like abt 3 hrs in the airport cuz our flight wasn't tt early but the airport transfer came early cuz the hotel staff were afraid we might miss our flight.. dam boring waiting at an airport which didn't have shops or cafes or restaurants.. thankfully i brought my laptop and could watch my dramas to kill time.. still dam boring tho.

bye boracay!
flight back wasn't tt bumpy.. phew
chenda's bro came to pick us up and brought us to dinner + shopping! nothing much to do cuz it was evening alrdy when we reached manila.. 

found these dam cute mini ice cream cones la! so easy to eat and was only SGD1 for all 5!

had Jollibee! Philippines' famous fast food chain that just opened an outlet in SG..


burger for me..
and some noodle thingy for them!
honestly, its nothing to rave abt.. give me McD, KFC or Burger King over this anytime (maybe not Wendy's tho.. lol)!
after dinner, it was shopping time! bought quite a number of clothes surprisingly! not v cheap tho.. like i bot 2 tops for office which were like SGD 30+ each.. but they were from the higher end boutiques.. so i guess its ok
then we retired to our hotel.. zzz
stayed at the Bayleaf @ Intramuros which was quite a chic boutique hotel! the room was a lil small but i quite like the interior decor =)
::22nd June 2012::
shopping day in Manila!
started the day with buffet breakfast! super like waking up to buffet breakfast in hotel when overseas! i am actually craving for buffet breakfast now =(
must have: omelette!
my plate! not bad but oily..


made this "Jaxine <3 Boracay" tee in Boracay after seeing a group of Taiwanese pple wearing them!
love customised stuff.. =)
after breakfast, we went to the rooftop of the hotel cuz i saw some pretty pictures of it online.. tho the pics i saw were taken at night..

rather alfresco chic! i like!

got a bar somemore!

and flowers!
pretty flowers = must take picture with it!
and then we went to the lobby to wait for chenda's family to pick us up..
the hotel is nice la..i wld recommend it if u're gg Manila..
only thing is tt it is located in the "Arts" area (Inframuros) and not in the central area..
but its not v far frm the central i think..
went shopping and got to experience the "market" style shops!

like our pasa malams or those street stalls u find in Bangkok
but of cuz there were also shopping malls la..
we had goldilocks for lunch!

lagsana for me!
and of cuz, bought our favourite Polvoron
its basically a milk based "biscuit" tt's v soft.. like milk powder pressed together.. yums!

the gang tt went shopping with me! thanks~

chenda's bro car's decal of their immediate family members! so cute la!

i super love burritos after eating quite a few in USA during my work-and-travel days!
so confirm must buy and eat when i see taco bell!
i hope it comes back to Singapore!!

so i bot a burrito..

and a taco! and i ate them both.. #foreverfat
i actually bot those even tho we were going to dinner at a restaurant.. lol.. but i din eat much at the restaurant la.. haha..  

Chenda's dam big family.. and not all her family members are in this pic loh! can u imagine!
and then it was back to the hotel again to rest..
::23rd June 2012::
last day in Manila! went to a Mother Mary church.. 

heehee.. toothless grin!
one of chenda's youngest niece, Gabrielle.

we also attended a mass! nice church!
they got me flowers!
camwhore with flowers.. lol

after tt, we went to Chenda's mother's grave..


mini sunkist juices packs! so cute!
and then bought Krispy Kreme to bring home..
for sis' bf who specially requested for it..

got the tin set so they wldn't get crushed!

also bot these Arizona tea which i love to drink when I was in USA! partly love it cuz the can is so tall and unique! so happy to see them selling at Manila..
I think manila got more USA stuff than Singapore loh.. haha
got spiderman themed donuts! so nicely done~
also bot one tin for my family..
but concluded tt i'm not gonna buy Krispy Kreme for myself anymore
its just TOO sweet..even for a sweet tooth like me..

 after tt, it was time to head to the airport! the area right outside the airport building was DAM crowded i tell u! took a while before we entered the building.. zzz

SQ food! really not bad leh.. heehee

and leaving u with a pic of another tee i made in Boracay..
can u make out my name? look at the outline of the beach painting =)

 hoping to go on another holiday in 2013! hopefully USA? or Korean? *cross-fingers*



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