Friday, March 29, 2013

9th Mar 2013: Jeff Chang 空出来的时间 Concert

Attended Jeff Chang's (张信哲) concert on 9th Mar 2013 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!

Was so psyched to attend! Really love his voice and songs and have been idolising him since i was 12~ he's like 46 now.. you really know you are old already when all your childhood idols are in their 40s or 50s.. lol

indoor stadium is now super convenient to get to, with the Stadium station opening right beside it!
went with my jc fren huiping and her husband!
i actually was looking for someone to go with but no one was keen..
but then later her husband bought tix for her so she asked if i'd like to go together..
so i bot a solo tix which was 2 rows in front of her seat cuz there were only few seats remaining in tt section
we were super lucky la tt day... our section was closed and they moved us all down one level!
so we got a FREE seat upgrade (think abt one seat grade up?) + we got to sit together! shiok~
and i was extra thankful cuz the seat we initially bot was sooo high up and at a steep gradient tt i din know if i cld last the whole concert looking down at tt angle.. height phobia?

his concert started 20 mins after the scheduled time..
not as diva-ish as some other artiste who was late for 1 hr? guess who.. lol

first set - most of the songs i din know (he sang the newer songs) but somehow it was still v enjoyable!
must be his soothing voice.. and i took note of some songs which i wanna listen to again =)

flowers from the fans!
seriously i think its a waste of $$.. he holds it for tt few seconds onstage only (and then his assistant came to take it from him)
dun think he will be holding it again aft tt! lol


some close ups..
he has really aged and put on weight la!
and i dun like his curly hair..
we actually caught his advert for this concert on tv and we and our families were saying "wa lao, he quite uncle and old and fatter" lol oops!
but then his voice still the same, still has tt crisp-clear quality..
and i read somewhere tt his voice was at its best condition during this concert and he din hafta drink water throughout the 3hr performance.. dam good!


love the lighting colours so i snapped a shot =)

one of his set was some princess + prince theme..
i like this concert cuz there were storylines to each set.. well thought out!

another pretty set!
really stoked tt he sang one of my fave songs (but not v popular) of his.. 受罪!
and of cuz other songs like 宽容, 太想爱你, 不要对他说 etc


and his encore set was 1 hr long.. within which he played this jukebox game where we were suppose to scream to activate the system roll and when we stop, he would sing the song that was lighted
it was obviously pre-scheduled la.. cuz all the sets and costumes and dancers were prepared for that song tt was "chosen"..
the highlight was the last song to be chosen from the jukebox where it roll but after tt the screen showed a song tt was not in the list..
the crowd was super happy! esp my friend who has waited 2 concert to hear him sing this live! great ending to an already wonderful concert~
some professional pics which i got online:

went home and dug out one of my fave Jeff Chang CD:

i can sing EVERY song on this CD by heart..
courtesy of us looping this CD non-stop when we were studying last time lol

hope he comes to SG to perform again soon!

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