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30th Mar 2013: Z'en

i finally got my Canon S110! wanted to get the S100 last yr but i got scammed into buying a pentax.. zzz..
anyway, my friend adelene managed to help me buy the S110 at lower than its retail price of $599 and it came with extra goodies too~ major thanks to her =)
my new toy!

 sooo many freebies:
2 x 8GB memory card
1 x powerbank
1 x memory card reader
1 x camera case
1 x bag
2 x book on canon camera
brought the camera out to play the very next day!
meet up with the runnies (my ex-colls) for dinner... it was a sorta impromptu dinner and very random (no special occassion).. someone just mentioned on WA that we haven't been out for dinner in a v long time.. and so happens that soooo many of us could make it that day!
so off we went to Z'en to have their japanese ala-carte buffet dinner..

we had to settle for outdoor seating cuz of our grp size (actually 10 only) and cuz we booked a tad late i guess..
it was really warm outdoors! but i was lucky cuz beside me was the fan.. lol
qian hui, sab and ade!
i heart the lighting in this photo!
sheena, me, sisi and hanmeng!
we got the DARK side.. so photo wasn't as nice..
group pic!
actually pretty much the usual pple who turned up.. but less kendrya and prob, david..
had a fun time catching up and gossiping abt girls (e.g. who we think is hot, pretty etc).. lol
food wise was ok.. but i'm not a gd judge of it cuz their gd dishes are apparently the beef.. which i don't take.. but my friend was raving abt their beef shabu shabu!
tot the chawamushi was not too bad.. rather smooth
i love this creamy fried udon! taste like pasta and is slightly spicy but v tasty~
other than the above, they also serve grilled skewers like chicken, pork etc, sashimi, salads, fried rice, tempura, sushi etc
desserts wise they had ice cream, coconut creme brulee and tofu cheesecake.. i had the tofu cheesecake which was quite gd!
was $48++ per pax for the ala carte buffet dinner on weekends ($52++ for weekdays, idk why..), we also got the free flow drink for $5++ per pax and so it worked out to be abt $62+ per person..
a bit steep for me cuz i only eat those cheap food.. like noodles, sushi, veg, egg, skewers.. lol
but if u eat beef and sashimi, u shld give this place a try =)
however, overall i felt their food was a bit oily and i don't think i will choose to go back on my own accord..
Z'en Japanese Cuisine
205 River Valley Road
UE Square #01-75

+65 6732 3110

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri
12pm to 2.30pm
6pm to 12pm

Sat, Sun & PH
6pm to 12pm

i really love my camera! the pics are sooo much clearer than my old camera..
PLUS... you can transfer your pics from the camera to the smartphone by connecting them~
did this pic after transferring the pics to my iphone:

my ottd!
Dress: Navy Angelic Lace Dress from 1214alley! love it
Arm Candy: Braided Charm Bracelet in Light Pastel from CovetedSG
Bag: Miu Miu
 and my easter sunday's ootd!
Blazer and Dress: Cotton On
the blazer is love because the innerlining is floral and when u turn the sleeve ends up, you can reveal a bit of the inner lining!
plus its in one of my fave shades of blue!
i got it at half price (really lucky)... was already prepared to pay $50 for it but didn't have to =)

ending this post with a few more pics taken with my new cam:

2nd attempt at ombre!
and pics of a random bush with my fave flowers!
i really love the periwinkle blue on these flowers.. wld so love to grow these at my house =)

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