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CNY: 10th to 24th Feb 2013

haven't been blogging much so i tot i'd do a post abt smtg more recent, before clearing the backlogs of things i want to blog but haven done so!

psst... changed my blogskin and my header! love my header! the tinkerbell graphic is so pretty~

anyway, the year of the snake has dawned upon us! i dun like snakes but the year ahead promises to be a good one for my chinese zodiac apparently.. tho i don't really feel like it has been good so far~ everything was not going well 2-3 weeks ago and only turned to be normal this week.. wld be happy with just normal actually.. haha

every CNY i'd try to bake something.. this time i tried baking cornflake cookies again! well, cuz i like to eat them.. haha.. and pineapple tarts requires too much effort!

all the ingredients needed!

tried the my melody cookie cutter! turned out cute but not the correct batter.. lol

yay~ made a batch of koko krunch ones which was not bad!
just go google cornflake cookies recipe and i'm sure u'd find a nice one
also tried making those seaweed cracker thingy..
really easy to make tho i can't achieve the right crispyness!
just kiap seaweed between spring roll skin and "glue" them together with egg white..
then fry it! super simple
and as usual, went to do my nails! just did a simple mani/ pedi cuz i din wanna pay too much for more exquisite designs.. so after tt, i just pasted nail stickers over!

super love the nail stickers!
so easy to paste n looks so good! gonna buy more~
anyway m manicurist commented tt i'm the first in days who never choose pink or red polish~ lol!
red is not my lucky colour anyways

close up~
oh and i also bot the Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay finally!
been eyeing it for a while now..
quite ex tho.. $80!
but i really like brownish eyeshadows =)
Chu Xi
my #ootd!
dress from which was too short for me so i wore it as a top together with a bandage skirt
love the intricate lace design in front!

 cutest snake decor we cld find!
Reunion Dinner this year was at Lai Huat @ Boon Keng area.. din really enjoy it cuz we were all sitted under a big tent with the tables too close for comfort.. plus, NO AIR CON! stuffy and hot~ i'd really have preferred staying home and having steamboat, like 90% of singaporean families.. lol

first lo hei of the year!

my cute nephew Chaz! he looks like he got uni brow hahahah
with sis! 

Chu Yi

#ootd is a cheongsam top from
paired it with my old denim skirt cuz i din buy any casual skirts this yr

plaited one bunch of my hair!
sis and her bf called me "Chun Li"
Chu Yi always starts with my cousins coming over to bai nian to my mum! but this year no lion dance... not tt i'm complaining..its really not tt necessary.. 
so much yummy food, including the super yummy bee hoon.. recipe from my maternal grandma!


put my new polaroid mini cam to good use!

my cute nephew again! cousin said he usually dun like to pose for the cam.. haha

and he eats ALOT for a 5 yr old! 
after that, we went to my cousin's house for dinner and gambling!

pic with mum and my nephew and niece from hk who stayed with us while here..
my nephew ish getting more n more handsome! he looks a bit like those shuai korean star! even mum's fren said so..
my top here is a lace top from h&m! it was quite ex but then i fell in love with the periwinkle blue so i had to get it! haha
yusheng prepared by my cousin! v yummy leh
anyway, my bad gambling luck started from chu yi! lost $4 at bj and $10 at mj tt day.. boo~
Chu Er

#ootd that day was a lace dress from too short also but thistime i wore it on its own
love the royal blue!

cam whore while waiting for the slow coaches to get ready to go out.. heehe

chu er is bai nian to uncle and aunt day!
played like half a rnd of mj and lost $9.. sianz..
anyway we were bored and made this montage to remember CNY 2013...presenting, CNY 2013's best way to kill time during visiting!

competition is intense amongst the cousins and nieces/nephews man!
my "niece" amy is dam lihai at it la.. she is always slightly ahead of me so i always feel the need to try and overtake her.. lol
thanks to tt "motivation", i've cleared all the stages on the mobile app! currently on stage 246!
after tt, followed mum to RWS casino and lost alot! boooo...really no gambling luck.. anyway i feel like it is easier to win in overseas casinos leh.. dunno why..

 Chu San
Chu San #ootd: lace peplum top from h&m.. wore with an old denim skirt too
cousins came to bai nian and brought along their cute sons!

Darius and Kayden who are cousins! they are the same age and were borned only 11 days apart!
so cool to have siblings who have same age kids loh.. the kids can grow up together~

so sweet holding hands!

aiyo Darius' blur blur look dam cute!
after tt, went Coca for steamboat! yums~

Chu Si to Chu Shi Wu
after tt, it was back to work =(

dress for first day back to work!
from h&m (again)! i love the colour and the side lace panel!
start work ang bao from the boss! huat ah~

chu wu was also valentine's day! my colleagues' fiance bot her cupcakes from Awfully Chocolate so she shared it with us~

Chu 6's ootd was a dress from Asos! i really like it alot! gonna wear it for wedding dinners too

and then chu 7 i re-did my nails cuz they were chipping!
i bot this mint colour polish from Face Shop! really happy cuz i've been searching for a nice mint colour for the longest time.. even OPI and China Glaze don't have nice mint colour polishes..
and somemore the polish frm Face Shop was only $2.90! #happy

and Chu 8 we went for lunch at cousin's place! nice imperial chicken cooked by cousin!
my ootd was a skirt from Asos.. i loveeee the floral print! haha.. love all my new clothes la.. =)

Chu 13, my JC girls and their bf/husbands came for "housewarming"! their first time at my new place!

bot and prep-ed steamboat for them!

yummy steamboat always makes me happy!
and learnt of a good news tt nite.. so happy for my friend! =)

Chu 14 marked the last time i played bj this CNY! and i FINALLY WON $$!! $6 nia but its an achievement ok.. lol

and then yuan xiao jie was spent having dinner with the fam! da bao-ed yu sheng and had steamboat with the leftover food from Chu 13! i can eat steamboat everyday la
that marked the end of the 15 day CNY festivities! i really love CNY cuz of the new clothes, ANG BAOs (best thing abt not being married is tt u can take angbao and no need to give!), food.. and most of all.... PUBLIC HOLIDAY (= no need work)!!
wishing all of you a smooth sailing, happy, healthy and lucky Snake Year ahead!

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