Monday, December 31, 2012

Recollecting 2012

its that time of the year to do a recollection of the year that just passed...

Is it me or did 2012 just zoomed by? Somehow I feel that this year passed exceptionally quick.. hmm.. wonder if that's a good or bad thing!

to me, 2012 was an ok year.. nothing too good but thankfully nothing too bad happened =)

well, here's the more memorable things that happened to me in 2012:

1. Fulfilled my branded bag/wallet lust!

been lusting over Miu Miu bags/wallets for the longest of time! everytime my sis and cousin ask what I want for bday, I'd definitely say "Miu Miu!" lol..

well, I finally bought both a wallet AND a bag from Miu Miu! Figured that I rather spend my money buying myself nice stuff than losing my moneys to dishonest merchants (my camera)/ things I nv use (gym membership)/ beauty packages from co.s tt dissolve (manicure package) / investments that are close to $0..

the miu miu wallet tt lasted for 2 months.. oh well.. it was great while I had you!
and then Reebonz had this awesome offer which I cldn't resist! Bot my miu miu bag at abt 40% off its SG retail price!  

came in a pretty box with a pretty ribbon! sucker for nice packagings!

came with a nice christmas card and a cute gingerbread man cookie!

tadah~ nice??

told my sis "even if not nice, you must say nice" lol
and before Reebonz had this fab offer, I bought a Rabeanco bag! not very famous brand but their bags are so pretty~ couldn't resist when I walked pass their store and saw all the colourful and pretty bags~
sorry the pics really don't do the bag justice!

2. 3 Jie-Mei (Bridesmaid) duties served this year!

3 of my close friends from my JC clique got hitched this year! was honoured to be their jie-meis but it also entailed lotsa pre-wedding prep work and discussions.. though it was tiring, it also meant more meetups this year and I can sense tt it had bonded us even more =)
Hui Ping's wedding on 6th May 2012

the board I made for the games =)
Serene's wedding on 11th Nov 2012
(will blog abt this another day..)

the board tt i made for the games which got smashed by the xiong dis.. hai.. haha

the front and back of the Q&A cards.. love the front design!
Yunzhi's Wedding on 9th Nov 2012
(also yet to blog abt this.. will do so soon!)



the board and dice i made for the games!
other than the 3 weddings I attended above, I also attended 4 more weddings (lunch or dinner only) this yr! this made it a record 7 weddings I attended this year.. highest ever for me~
Hwee Hoon's wedding in Jan (1st Jan!)
Cousin Sharon's wedding in March

first church wedding for me!
Sisi's wedding in April

Huaiwen's wedding on 10th Jun 2012



3. Leaving my home of 18 years, Moving into my new house..

sadly, had to part with my lovely home of 18 yrs! been living there since 10! House was sold on 4 May 2012 and moved into my new home on 24 Nov 2012.. not too sure if i'd blog abt this in detail so doing a small para here..
pics of my old house.. bye~ i'd miss u and the memories and comfort you gave me... and your space!


my study desk in my room.. 

my bed!

my sink

the BIG mirror behind my bed.. super good for taking zilian pics.. lol

part of my wardrobe and at the corner is my old dresser

super love my old toilet tiles!! gonna miss it..
and, my new house!:


no proper pics of my room just yet =)

4. Attended JLo's first concert in Singapore!

Very lucky to have won the last pair of tickets from Class95! Wanted to go for the concert but din wan to pay $158 for a free-standing concert..
I love JLo.. she's soooo pretty! and her dance songs are really the best!!
my first ang moh concert~



5. 2 overseas trips!

My first time to Philippines (Manila and Boracay)! and another trip to Macau/Zhuhai =) Hope I can travel more and to future places in 2013~

6. The World didn't end.

21 Dec 2012.. I remember since sec school, I've heard this thing abt the Mayans predicting the end of the year to be in 2012 cuz their calendar ends on 21 Dec 2012.. tt time I was thinking "so far away".. but it was this year!

and nope, din happen. obviously.. lol.. not going to believe any end of the world predictions any longer..

but here's smtg funny to share with you:

Well, hope your 2012 was fab and here's too an even more fantabulous 2013~


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