Friday, December 21, 2012

Manila & Boracay (18 to 23 Jun 2012): Part 3

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vvv backdated post.. haha..

here to continue blogging abt my boracay/manila trip! many nice beach pictures in this post!

cause i really like the pictures i took of boracay but i'm lazy to watermark, pls:

credit my blog if you use any of my pictures!


::20th June 2012::

woke up to my birthday @ boracay! heehee

 view when having our "hotel" breakfast..

chenda's philippino breakfast..

mine.. not nice..
i miss my american buffet breakfasts!!

the bed and breakfast we stayed at! 
after eating, we headed to the beach to rest & relax!

sucha gorgeous view! love the colours =)
it was high-tide in the morn/late morn..
most of the beach/sand part which we were walking on the day before was covered by the ocean alrdy..
gonna post all the nice beach shots i took tt day first, before continuing with typing .. enjoy!

me, lying down, reading book, eaing chips, with a gorgeous sea view.. *bliss* lol
and then the eating continued.. 

avocado and mango smoothies..
even a slice of cake from starbucks! (bday mah..)
after all those, we went for lunch... haha.. think we had a late lunch tho..

 Ole cafe @ d*mall
some chicken burrito i think..

so long ago i really can't rem.. haha


then after plucking up some courage (alot in fact), i finally decided to try one of the sea rides.. 


basically we just sat on the netted part of the boat (where we are sitting now but parallel to the white rod and perpendicular to the boat).. one person on each side of the boat..
the boat sailed like those sail boat.. and cuz the sea was quite bumpy, we were bumping up and down..
and of cuz got wet cuz sometimes the part where we were sitting would touch the sea water.. and i also got splashed alot when we were sailing..
but its rather fun! totally no regrets trying (although i got quite drenched)!
after tt, we just lazed arnd the beach and caught the sun set! soooo preettyy~

i actually love this shot ALOT.. the colours composition, the position of the sea and sailboats.. BUT!
tt girl just had to photobomb.. =(
and she nv move loh.. by the time she move, the boat position and sun position all diff.. =(

then after tt, we went back to bathe (we were drenched!) and then came back out for a nice bbq buffet dinner by the beach!
and there were performances! singers and....

chenda sabo-ed me.. made them do this on top of my head.. see how scared i looked.. i was really quite afraid they wld burn my head/hair!
and its really quite hot leh.. dunno how they tahan the heat..

*yes, the dancer is a trans*

after dinner, we just walked a bit more and then i ended the night with beach-side massage which was shiok!

we saw a top-naked mermaid statue.. lol
tt's all for part 3! will blog the last part, soon, hopefully!


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