Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Belated Merry Christmas~
I love christmas! love the warm fuzzy feelings it gives me.. and the christmas carols.. and the PH day off.. lol
Usually, our JC clique Christmas gatherings are held at my house.. but this yr, cuz so many of them are new house owners, we decided to go to one of the newly weds' place for xmas gathering!
Somehow we chose YZ's place.. mainly cuz we've been to HP's and cuz YZ's house is more or less ready to welcome visitors =)
BUT! its dam far from my place la~ was a 30-40 mins drive from my place.. and the journey was all by expressways... haha


they placed their wedding board near their dining table.. so nice!


YZ nicely whipped up a feast for us!
not very christmas-sy but its delish la.. thanks girl for the effort~
curry chicken was cooked by her mum and I made the spring rolls.. 

we spent the time eating, chatting, watching chinese vampire show (I was playing with my hp most of the time cuz I don't like those kinda show) which left alot of them laughing dam hard, playing blackjack (won $4!)..

not very christmas-sy hoh.. haha... but had fun as usual~

then it was time for gift exchange!

love christmas tree with many presents undermeath it!
the one at my house only got 2 presents~ lol
anyway, our tradition is to each pick one name (lucky draw style) for whom you have to buy a present for.. partners/spouses are included in the draw too!
I picked serene's husband again this year.. this is like the 2nd time I'm buying for him.. and I tend to keep picking the guys! I don't like to buy presents for guys leh.. always dunno wat to buy.. ended up buying adidas socks cuz he wanted an adidas/nike tee but its over the budget and i din wanna give vouchers..
Pam bought pressie for me this year.. I rem this is the third time she is buying for me.. I still have and use the last 2 gifts she gave me (storage box in the shape of a book and a jewelry box).. thanks pam for always giving me useful gifts!
anyway i think its really fate cuz we always end up buying for the same few pple! haha

 my jc clique! so many hrs of laughter with this bunch!

with the partners/spouses!

with our gifts~

christmas log cake from minus 18 degrees!
its frozen yoghurt inside~ intro-ed by pam who helped us order and collect!
we wanted peach flavour but it was out of stock.. so the store pple recommended blueberry.. i like it~ its nice and something diff!
these are the pressies i received this year:


Sephora Nail Polish Set from Amy/Chicky~

Card holder from Pam~
I wanted a card holder for my staff pass and she got me this nice PINK one.. love the colour!
Pressie from sis.. 2013 planner from Kikki K. 
i chose (and bought) this myself.. haha

Pressies from Chenda~

and pressies from colleagues~
and on christmas day itself, I went to Hans @ Trinity Church at paya lebar for lunch!


my grilled fish set!

and aptly, saw this! This was how it all began..
Hope you had a great christmas too~

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