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4th Dec 2012: J Lo "Dance Again" Concert in Singapore

omg haven blogged for soooo long! been bz moving house + din have internet at my house for almost 2 wks..

am super lagging in blog post so i tot wat the heck, will just blog abt the latest thing first.. haha

yes, I caught Jennifer Lopez LIVE in concert in Singapore! her very FIRST trip to our little island! am sooooo grateful to be able to attend her concert! was abit apprehensive at first because it was a free standing concert and i hate crowds + standing.. so i din buy the tix.. but then class95 was giving away tix abt 2 wks ago and i managed to call through on the LAST day of the contest and won a pair!

totally no regrets at all attending!!


signage to lead us to Meadows @ Gardens By The Bay as we walked from MBS!

Wore vvv casual cause I tot it'd be dam stuffy and hot and it'd be vvv crowded.. but it was raining right before the concert and stopped slightly before the concert so the whole night it was cooling.. lucky i must say!
but then also suay cuz my right slipper broke shortly after taking the abv pic.. so i walked barefoot on one foot frm there onwards =(
the queue before we went in..
this eurasian bitch accused us of cutting queue when SHE was the one who wasn't paying attention when the queue moved and assumed we cut queue when we appeared in between her group of friends..
she was complaining to her friends as if we weren't there.. saying like "oh, tt's why u suddenly appeared in front of us"..
i super buay tahan so i complained out loud "we queued from the back loh.. I dun like pple accusing me!" its true, i really don't. ggrrrr...
anyway enuff abt her.. dun wan spoil the mood of this post..


once in, we found a good spot at the back cuz we din wanna squeeze in front..we cld even sit on cardboards on the ground while waiting for the concert to start...
this is the view of the stage from where we were.. on a slope so we cld see the stage properly (but not the pple on it.. abit too far sadly)...
I tot the stage got a v nice backdrop.. SG Flyer behind (towards its right) and MBS on its far right..

 MBS looked so close in proximity!

cam whoring while waiting and sitting on cardboard.. haha
JLo made us wait 1 hr (slightly more cuz we reached before the stated time of 8pm) before her concert started! Heard tt alot of pple were v grumpy frm standing and waiting for so long, in a crowded area no less.. but thankfully where we were was v spacious cuz it was far frm the stage.. haha
oh! while waiting i saw Glenn Ong, Mike Kasem and Tim Oh! Even shook Mike Kasem's hand cause I won tix from his radio show.. haha..
and somewhere at the start of the concert, i suddenly realise Joanne Peh and Bobby Tonelli was standing like 2 persons away from me! but they left to go to the VIP area after a while
and after the concert, saw Yasminne Cheng and Divian Nair.. so star-studded one! haha

more camwhoring with the stage as backdrop.. heheee

 concert finally started at 9pm!

the vid tt was playing right before JLo made her appearance..
JLo, why u so pretty? I really think she's v gorgeous.. love her features and her Latino looks!

and she finally emerged! small but still can see.. haha

launched right into her first set..
i only remembered her singing "Love Don't Cost a Thing", "I'm Into You" and one of my fave, "Waiting For Tonight"

can't really tell from my pics but she is dam toned! she got abs!
she's 43 this yr (yes, i googled) and she got abs! *shameful*

her famous bum! haha

i think one of these dancers is her current rumoured bf..
and then it was on to her second set...dedicated to where she grew up - the Bronx.

 only took these photos..
most of the songs in this set i din really know.. but i knew she'd sing another one of my fave "Jenny From the Block" =)

another shot of her behind.. haha
and then it was the third set.. slowest paced one of all her sets

the guy abv is her rumoured bf!

in this set she sang a lovely version of "If You Had My Love"
she was saying tt she did find true love on her journey (of stardom).. and then they played a vid of her baby twins! (i.e. her true love are her kids) her kids are so cutee!!

her singing a song after the vid.. her dress made her look like a goddess!

sneaked in a shot of myself in between..
and then it was the last set alrdy..  she sang "Let's Get Loud" (also like this) and "Papi"
before Papi, she even was playing with the crowd.. getting the ladies to scream and then the guys to scream and then ladies and then guys again.. abt 3-4 times.. haha..she said the guys screams were the loudest she heard but i'm abit doubtful cuz it was really weak..

she launched into a butt shaking marathon..
really shook her butt for dam long!

one of my fave shot.. its of the screen when the video cam shot JLo from behind.. so u can see a glimpse of the audience too.. 

and then it was the last song alrdy..
my fave.. "On The Floor".. i really love this one.. and so did the crowd..
everyone was so high when she sang this song! all of us were dancing to it..
then the encore performance was "Dance Again"! Also love this song.. haha..
Really enjoyed myself tremendously... my first concert by a famous American singer!! so happy tt i got to go.. had a great time dancing to her dance hits.. her dance hits are really one of the best in my opinion... quite shocked that i know most of it.. guess its cuz they are always playing on radio.. so i grew up listening to her songs (at least from sec sch onwards.. from 987fm to class95 hehe) =)
hope she comes again! Love you, J Lo!


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