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10th June 2012: Huaiwen's Wedding

Another super laggy blog post =X
They say, you build the closest friendships during secondary school days.. however, it had been different for me.. my closest friendships, at least those tt i still keep in contact with, were formed in my JC days..
and I was also extra lucky to have formed close ties during my Uni and uni hall days! still keep in contact with all these grps of friends even tho i've graduated for quite a while.. =)
Anyway, as i was saying, one of my closer grp of friends is my uni friends..  actually we are a rather small grp.. only 3 of us but sometimes we are joined by another girl and guy.. 1 of my friend is Yu shan, who is actually also my JC classmate! I still remember tt we bonded over F4 last time and she even helped us cut queue when we went for Zai zai's autograph signing session (ok, hide face.. haha)! anyway she was the only one frm my JC class who ended up in the same uni and course as me and we naturally stuck on to each other during our 1st sem in uni...
and we got to know another girl, Huaiwen, apparently cuz we needed to do proj in grps of 4 and Huaiwen approached us to do the IT proj tog (this is frm wat huaiwen recalls.. i have totally zero recollection of this.. haha)! and frm tt time onwards, we always do proj together when we can choose our own proj mates! and it also helps tt our surnames are soooo close to each other.. Khoo, Koh and Koo.. so for some projs, we are auto placed into the same grp.. haha.. ohhhh! and all 3 of us stay at serangoon area! like less than 5 mins away! sooo convenient for car pools (esp in our last sem when i was no longer staying in hall)!
Ok, to get to the pt of this blogpost, Huaiwen recently got hitched! Hers was a simple wedding affair tt was held at the function room at the National Library at bugis area..
The couple only invited abt 100 family + friends.. (but i think they held another separate banquet to pacify the relatives..) was happy to be invited to withness their union!

(pic taken from Huaiwen's FB page)


(above 2 pics also taken from Huaiwen's FB page)
I rather like these kinda casual wedding setups! it was buffet style and you were free to mingle arnd and sit/stand wherever u like.. sometimes those ballroom wedding dinners can get quite stuffy, if you know what i mean..
Anyway, see the cello tt the groom is holding in the pic abv? he actually played a piece for the bride! effort! so sweet too~

(pic taken from Huaiwen's FB page)
and this is my uni clique! we named ourselves BGC (not gg to disclose the meaning here tho.. haha)!

and then we took polaroids to remember this happy occassion!

love her cheongsam! lacey + sucha pretty colour!
and one with my runnie, who is also Huaiwen's friend - Qianhui!
and then one with Yong Xiang..
he was actually in the same hall as me during uni days and we also worked in the same company.. but din know him personally...
but he was v nice tt day.. cuz i din haf a cashcard to exit the carpark.. and yushan helped me to ask him if he had.. he did and he even went to the carpark with us even tho he wasn't leaving yet so tt we cld return him the card w/o gg back up!
and he din wan take my money somemore.. thanks so much!! owe u one =)
this was the wedding favour!
so pretty! and in pink somemore.. 

 and there was PINK edible glitter on it! omg...
plus it was v yummy, even tho i'm not a cupcake fan..

hair and make tt day..
iphone casing from CovetedSG


and braided my hair tt nite for a diff style..
messy i know..
anyway, to my dear huaiwen, just wanna say i'm v happy for u! so glad tt u found someone who is nice to you and can take care of you for the rest of your life =) i'm also really glad to have "met" you in uni.. my uni days were definitely brightened by you! all your funny stories, actions and fun bickering sessions with yushan! and thanks for being responsible and dependable wrt project work, tutorials and lectures! Looking forward to many more years of friendship! =)

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