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Mum's 60th Birthday!

My posts are like all jumbled up in terms of sequence!

And I'm making it worst by posting this now.. haha.. but no choice cause this post is relatively shorter and hence easier to blog abt.. =)

:: 1st Oct 2012, Monday ::

Mum turned 60 on this day! This year, the celebration is much more low key, considering we already threw her a $2-3K chinese 60th birthday dinner last year! Plus its a weekday so we could only celebrate with her over dinner..

Asked mum to choose the dinner venue because she's the bday girl.. and she chose this Zi Char place at Serangoon Central cause she said it was recommended by her friend for good Zi Char food..

Pics of food first!

Sweet and sour pork which had a strong pork taste and was not crispy enough..
this is usually one of my fave Zi Char dish..


Kai Lan.. which was too oily.
Fun fact: Did you know Kai Lan's is known as Chinese Broccoli? Apparently they are from the same vegetable species..
Only knew after we were asking what is Kai Lan in english, so I went to wiki it..

Steam fish which i found not bad..
but mum kept saying its overcooked.. she told the Zi Char pple like abt 3-4 times.. haha

Shou Mian for the bday girl..
it actually tasted more like bee hoon than the mian xian it was suppose to be..
this was not bad..

i think this is Spinach with 3 types of egg..
din think much of this..

Hot Plate Beancurd with Egg which was tasteless..
really no taste at all.. like they forgot to put salt or something..
another one of my fave Zi Char dish but this was disappointing

Man Tou! this was not bad too.. esp with the sauce of.....

Chili Crab! This one also not bad..
but it cost 90 freaking dollars..
got a shock when we saw the bill.. totally not worht 90 bucks..
Meal came up to $188 (so accurate!)... which means tt half of it was cuz of the crab..
as you can probably tell by now, it wasn't a good dining experience..  most of the dishes wasn't nice and the gd dishes were not bad at best.. nothing really yummy.. will definitely give this place a miss next time.. so, i won't be sharing the location here.. haha
after dinner, we headed back home to have the cake cutting ceremony..

this yr's bday cake comes from Humble Beginnings!
Read abt this yummy mille crepe cake frm some blogger's website and decided to give it a try!

Decided to order their signature flavour - French Vanilla..
and it was a good choice!
all of us LOVES it alot!
normally after bday dinners, we are usually too full for cake and usually only eat a small slice..
but for this cake, some of us went for 2nd helpings (me included)!
and after 2 days, the cake is almost finished.. haha..
usually the bday cakes will take abt 1+wk to finish (i'm usually the one who eat the majority.. love cakes!)
soo.. if you're interested in ordering, you can check out:
its actually based in KL and there is no physical store in SG.. BUT! they have pickup pts at most Cathay Cineplexes.. so you can go ahead and order and pick up your cake there..
not cheap but its definitely worth trying!

forgot to take off specs! haha..




this is how the cake looks like within..
there's suppose to be 20 layers but sis counted 17 lol..
but the layers really gives the cake its texture.. yums!


Happy Birthday Mummy! Wishing you happiness and health forever!
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and mum is officially more tech updated than me!
she got iPhone5 while i'm still using iPhone 4S..
haha... k la, its cuz her iPhone 3S was dying and she hafta upgrade, while my iPhone 4S is not even a yr old..

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