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20th Oct 2012: Nuffnang's HP Topshot Tea Party~

First read abt this event on Yina's blog and decided to try my luck and registered for it.. I say "try my luck" because only 15 pple wld be picked to attend the event..
So was really delighted when Melissa from Nuffnang SG called me to inform me that I have been selected! =)
Some background abt the event first:
This event was held mainly to introduce HP's latest innovation - the HP Topshot LaserJet Pro M275. It is targeted at budding blogshop owners/ entrepreneurs to show them how this latest HP product is able to help make their life simplier (more abt this later..)~
As such, 3 bloggers-cum-entrepreneurs - Yina, Jessica and Velda also graced the event to share on how the HP Topshot Printer/Scanner has helped them in their daily blogshop operations...

The event was held at Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery and was slated to begin at 1pm.. Reached arnd 1 and tot i was late (cause registration starts at 1250pm).. but some how i was one of the earliest! haha..

Was seated at Jessica's table... She runs Shiberty's Sweets! Her cupcakes and cake design always "wow" me much whenever I see them on instagram! and her homemade food are always soooo tantilising tt they make me hungry and wish i cld eat them too.. haha.. anyway, she's super young... 20 only~ such a young talent!
That's Jessica on the far left! she's super friendly and initiated conversation with us.. and she's so easy to talk to.. no pressure at all tho she's like a famous blogger/ chef.. =)
my other table mates are (clockwise from me) Caren [owner of CaraMabes], Xinyi [owner of StyleCoutique] and Stephanie [owner of Carosbella].. there's also Cindy [owner of Cindycate] who had not arrived when we took this pic..
The Nuffies did a fantabulous job in decorating our table! The event theme colours was Blue and White~ and you will be able to see these 2 colours weaved in to alot of the decor.. we were also told to dress in Blue, in line with the event colour =) 
Innovative teapot-shaped placecards with our names on them so that we can find our allocated seats (tho blur me din spot them at first.. =P)
and the cupcake you see in the pic above was baked by Jessica.. see wat i mean when i say she's a young talent? (read on for a close up pic of the cupcake!)
  and i really love the flower arrangement on the tables! blue and white roses! so pretty~
and lunch was provided!
 ham slices.. which we all tot were a lil too salty... wld be nice with bread tho.. haha

and they also provided one of this platter of food for every pair of us.. it had wraps, salmon slices, cake etc!

we also order watever drinks we want! I opted for the French Rose tea which came in this pretty teacup!

so pretty! i love all things floral haha.. and so "english tea" feel!
we were enjoying our food while the event started proper.. 
the emcee for the event - Chris from Nuffnang! (sorry this is the best pic of him i captured tho its also the most blurry one.. haha) And that's the main star of this event in front of him - the HP Topshot LaserJet Pro~

and Athena from HP who gave a short presentation of the HP Topshot LaserJet Pro
This latest innovation from HP is really amazing! Unlike usual scanners, this LaserJet "scans" pictures of 3D objects from the top! i.e. you just need to place your 3D item on top of the LaserJet faced up and it'd take a clear picture of the item! And you can choose to print it direct or scan it into your PC for editing before you load it onto your blogshop! You can even send the scan to your email!
Best yet.. if you need to print something, you can simply send it to your LaserJet (via email or from your iPad, iPhone etc) and it'd be printed immediately! you can do this even if you're out and no where near your LaserJet... cool rite!
The HP Topshot LaserJet is retailing for SGD 729. Pretty reasonable for all the functions it offers =) Interested parties can read more abt the LaserJet HERE!


and then the 3 bloggers/ entrepreneurs shared on how they used the LaserJet to help them out with their daily blogshop operations 
First up was the gorgeous Velda who is the co-founder/ creative director of the very successful Love, Bonito!  She really has the 气质!

and next, Jessica shared on her experiences using the LaserJet!

lastly, the very bubbly Yina also shared on how she uses the LaserJet!
I actually know Yina since young! We din hang out or anything but more that her aunt used to work with my mum and because Yina and her sister Gina is arnd the same age grp as my sis and I, we often hear alot abt them! I think maybe we also did play together as kids but I don't really remember..
introduced myself to her and she can remember me somewhat! haha.. great catch up since we haven seen each other face-to-face since young! she's really friendly and approachable =)
 and then it was game time! we each had our own hands-on experience using the HP Topshot LaserJet by using it to take pictures of the items we brought with us.. person with the best picture wins one of the LaserJet!

my entry =)
If you like the items above, you can get them from CovetedSG and do help like the facebook page too!
nope din win.. haha.. some vvv creative guy won, deservingly..
after tt, there was a Q&A quiz where they gave out 10 HP comp mice.. din win tt too.. lol
the event ended shortly after tt and we started taking photos.. 

me with the 3 pretty bloggers.. =)


my table mates! Jessica's bf. Sam, kindly took this for us.. he had to take multiple timesx ause we each had our own camera.. but he was so nice to accomodate! he even took a few pics for each cam.. 

one more with the 3 blogger..
this is the version i edited with my iPhone apps.. love the small hearts!

with Velda

with Jessica

 with Yina!
I also took some pics of the pretty cupcake when i got home!

pretty ain't it?

Once again, thanks Nuffnang for the invite! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I learnt so much abt the HP Topshot LaserJet =)

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