Saturday, September 29, 2012


suddenly felt like blogging but don't have my ext hard disk with me plus lazy to edit photos so i tot i'd just do a random post with whatever pics i have in my lappie.. =)

:: MacRitchie Reservoir ::

went for walks at MacRitchie Reservoir a few times recently.. been sooooo long since i've last been there! i remember the last time i went there was for my JC cross country.. remember tt me and my clique were too lazy to run tt we walked the whooleee way..naturally we were the last to reach the finish line.. lol

and how the place has changed! much more park-like now..

soooo gorgeous rite!

posted this on instagram and tagged #igsg and it got featured on IGSG acct!
the pic garnered abt 2000+ likes!
but sadly igsg only keeps like 7 pics at one go so now my pic has been removed frm their acct... =(
these were taken on the nxt trip there:


we walked along the boardwalk this time round.. the plc there was soooo serene i felt myself immediately relax... shld go there more often!

:: Chicky's Housewarming, 11th August 2012::

chicky finally moved into her new pad after staying with her in-laws for 1+yr after her wedding! sooo excited to see her new place!

us camwhoring outside her

this is the covering to her bomb shelter.. super love the wallpaper!

their bedroom!

and the closet area..

the study room!
same lovely wallpaper =)

 the living room..
unique tv backdrop which i find isn't photogenic but nicer in real life..

nice wallpaper, so must take photo with it.. lol

 with chicky!
hope she faster get a mj table so can play mj there soon... haha

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