Friday, October 05, 2012

Newpaper Big Walk 2012~

We decided to take part in the Newpaper Big Walk this year!

This yr, the fam (mainly my sis, her bf, chenda and me.. and wx) have been trying to go for regular walks weekly.. we normally go to Bishan/Ang Mo Kio Park and walk a round which is approx 2.6-2.7km.. it'd usually take me abt 30mins to complete the walk..

so, catching on to our walking "craze", sis and her bf suggested tt we take part in the Big Walk! I agreed and we decided to drag mum along for some much needed exercise..

:: 2nd September 2012, Sunday ::

Had to reach Clarke Quay's Central at 745am.. zzz..

headed out before 7am on a SUNDAY to take NEL..
decided not to drive cuz of the crowd + don't know to park at starting or ending pt.. haha

 reached Central!


look at the crowd!
mad hate.

 and off we go!
i really hate the starting pts of walks/marathon cuz its always so slow moving and crowded!
and this Big Walk, i don't understand why they must start at such a small area.. Plus, at the beginning of the walk, we had to walk thru an underpass.. pls la, sooo many pple and one tiny underpass, of course there's bound to be a jam! so, many of us walked over the underpass (by crossing the road) instead.. quite bad planning on this part..
the walk was frm Central at Clarke Quay and it was through Raffles Place and ended at Marina Barrage!
supposed to be 5km but I don't know why my Nike app registered 7 km... lousy..

yay! finished the walk!
was sooo dehydrated but thankfully they provided free H20! really felt much better after downing one pack of H20..
anyway, we decided not to join nxt yr alrdy... cuz its $20 ($18 aft grp disc) per pax and they didn't need to baracade the road or anything.. so basically, even if you don't pay, maybe you can also walk tog! and also, you can walk on your own another day when there's no crowd..
but the good thing was there was this bingo game along the way where you were suppose to collect bingo numbers as you walk (they had numbers placed all along the route).. and if you can cross out one row of numbers on your bingo card, you win prizes.. but none of us won anything! haha..
good workout nonetheless tho we packed back the calories burnt immediately by having old chang kee curry puff + artease milk tea (there was another carnival ongoing at Marina Barrage).. lol

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