Friday, January 13, 2012

CNY shopping @ Jipaban~

Many of you prob have heard of Jipaban, the online shopping mall tt houses items from many many blogshops...

well, if YOU were to receive a $100 Jipaban voucher, how would you spend it this CNY?

for me, its sucha tough qns! cuz the Jipaban site is just bursting full of CNY clothes and accessories~

after spending a LONG time deciding and choosing, i finally narrowed down my choice to the following items:

first up! DRESSES!!

super love this dress! the pink is so sweet... and the floral prints makes the dress v girly.. florals are also perfect for CNY =)

and every girl needs a red dress for CNY! this dress is perfect for visiting in our hot weather cuz its short + sleeveless~ and its v pretty.. if u look closely, the dress is lacey~

i also picked out a top to go with my mini-skirts or shorts (or jeans for the jeans lovers)!

love the sweetheart "neckline" + its pink + its lacey + its frilly~ heehee
there's actually a white and black version but wun pick tt for CNY.. maybe girls can get tt for V-day instead =)

and now for accessories to complement my dresses and top~

i have a thing for studs in recent years! think its cuz they make them ultra cute nowadays..
in this set, i love the cupcake, cassette and lolly!
lolly is also in the Jipaban's logo~ haha

and i also like this hello kitty ring~ they have it in black, red, pink, blue etc.. but i picked this light purple one cuz its the chio-est and most classy one.. =)

now, to add up my selections....

wah~ just nicely below $100.. yay~

I'm checking out for my CNY attire and more! hope you do too =)

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