Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Happiest Time Of The Year~

yup! Christmas is the happiest time of the year for me, as with most of u i guess.. cuz of the holidays (PH on boxing day and new year's day which is a wk away only)! haha.. but sadly there wasn't half days on the eve of Christmas and New Year's Day cuz they fell on a Saturday =(

but seriously speaking, i love Christmas cuz of the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me.. i guess its cuz of the buzz gg arnd.. everyone's shopping (orchard was crazy packed even in early dec!), everywhere's dolled up so beautifully.. and everyone's somehow more relaxed..

and of cuz, Jesus was born on Christmas day.. tt's why there's even this festive season in the first place.. =)

my celebration started on Christmas Eve~ (though i did meet up with my run mates before tt.. heehee)

::24th Dec 2011, Christmas Eve::

christmas-themed bee tai mak for lunch! cuz of the green and red bell peppers LOL

my JC clique and their +1s came over to my house for a BBQ!

was actually quite pissed tt day cuz they say meet at nex at 3pm and the first person reached close to 4pm (i reached at 320pm cuz i know everyone will be late).. end up i did like 90% of the grocery shopping myself =( oh well..

the guys were tasked to set up the bbq pit!

and also to BBQ.. LOL

we actually wanted to scrap the bbq idea cuz a tad too troublesome.. but my fren was like "we shld haf! cuz the guys are coming and they can do the bbq-ing.." haha! dam shiok la.. i din bbq at all.. just sat there and eat and eat.. heehee..

my fren prepared this! yums~ non-chili ones just for me too =)

some of the bbq-ed food.. the satay was fab!

and i got us some sushi to fill us up while waiting for the food to be cooked (and the late comers to arrive.. those who were coming directly to my house tt is)

yay i love this pic! so christmas-sy~ love iphone apps =)

and we took this pic cuz we remembered taking a similar one during JC times..



(hardcopy of cuz.. lol)

we got the arrangement a lil mixed up.. and dunno why pam is missing from this pic..

love these girls.. had many fun times tog esp during JC..
now we dun see each other as often but we make it a pt to meet on festive days and to celebrate each other's bday!

and yz (ericia) brought a polaroid camera! so we took some polaroids =)

i was laughing so hard over this pic when it was still forming cuz i cldn't see yz's facial features at all! then we realised tt serene's face worse cuz she was fairer.. conclusion is tt fair pple cannot take polaroids cuz can't see their facial features as clearly! haha

::25th Dec 2011, Christmas Day::

on christmas day, went to my cousin house for a gathering.. and we did the most un-christmasy thing: play mj! haha..

after tt, went for dinner w another cousin's family cuz she treated us..

it was at this place called Shin Yakiniku.. Jap bbq~

the food was not bad i feel.. but the svs was great! they were v accomodating.. gave us one free chawamushi upon request and changed our meat platter to a no beef one w/o making noise or black faces even tho we requested after the platter came..

but i think the food was too much! 6 of us only cld finish all the sides (sushi, chawamushi, chicken katsu, salad etc) and 1 meat platter.. we left the other meat platter totally untouched.. but in the end we just cooked all and dabao-ed home.. they also gave us containers to do so.. =)

the only thing tt wld stop me frm gg back is..............

its located next to Jurong Bird Park! freaking far and ulu for me!

my christmas day outfit:

F21 tank dress ("adopted" from cow who disowned it..) and thevelvetdoll's shrug!

these are some of the xmas pressies i got this yr~

love this post-it set! so pretty~

and this cookie monster piggy bank is soooo cute! they even have the fur texture all carved out..

and i got this from the gift exchange.. a travel pouch and 6 mask..
to be honest i think it doesn't suit me =(

many mini gifts from colleagues~ =)

hope u had an enjoyable christmas too!

next up: New Year Cruise~

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