Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Embarked in 2011, Disembarkd in 2012~

went on a cruise over the new year wkend! mum asked if i was interested and since i din haf any plans on new yr eve, i decided to go~

supposed to be only like 7 of us.. but end up total of 19 went (mum's fren and husband and 2 of my cousins whole family, plus mum, chenda and me)!!

::30th Dec 2011, Friday::

Took halfday leave cuz needed to be at harbourfront by 430pm.. decided to swing by sw*rlart to pick up some cupckes by Baked By Lace cuz i've been meaning to try them but always too lazy to go buy after work.. haha.. 

bot 3 cupcakes! still find $3/cupcake too ex..

my fave is the red velvet! the sea salt caramel was a lil oily.. din get to try the peanut butter one tho..

but my conclusion is tt i still dun like cupcakes idk why.. something's lacking.. even muffins are better! but my fave are still cakes and tarts~ heez

on the way to the cruise, we say this car twice! was telling mum "WTH = wat the hell!" haha..

camwhored in the car cuz i brought a straw hat w me~

the checking in plc was a madhouse la! super packed~ waited qte a while to check in. but heng i was in the balcony class so there wasn't any queue to go in (tho we still waited at the gate for those in the normal class..)

i tot this was our ship... but found out when we boarded tt it was the ship in front of our ship.. haha

otw to board!

saw Patrick otw in!
i wldn't mind taking photo w him but paiseh cuz all kids.. =X

yay, finally onboard!

and they also had a grand staircase, just like titanic!

cabin rooms are really dam small la.. but ok la, just enuff for the 3 of us to sleep in..
toilet v cramp tho.. esp cuz i'm too tall.. cannot stretch my arms abv my head too much when bathing..

proceeded to have our dinner @ pavillion: 

food was ok nia... i loved the fried tofu w thai chili sauce tho!

mum's fren and mum..

all meals onboard are inclusive as long as u eat from these 3 restaurants:
- Bella Vista
- Pavillion
- Mediterranean Terrace

and they serve like breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.. sure put on wt if u eat all meals! but dam worth it if u do.. heehee

after dinner we went to walk arnd.. 

the huge lifeboats! din realise its so well-furbished and so big! quite comforting to know.. haha

and we were like one of the sua-ku few who actually bothered to attend the firedrill... zzz... and i dunno why all the pple at my gathering pt were indians! me and chenda were the only non-indians..

MJ room!!
they had 2 activities room where u can play mj~ tt's like at least 15-16 mj tables..
rental of the mj tiles was $20 for 3 hrs.. and we think we were the only suaku ones on tt night who paid for the mj tiles... the rest all brought their own mj sets! cuz we were prob the ones who go on cruise the least.. haha

after playing mj (lost $10!), we retired for the night...

::31st Dec 2011, Saturday::

din sleep well the first nite cuz cldn't fall asleep! slept at like 4am? and woke up arnd 9+am.. and din haf a gd sleep..

by the time i was ready to go out it was 11am and all the restaurants were prepping for lunch.. so i went to play a rnd of bingo.. so ex! $15 per game where u get 3 sets of bingo coupons..

learnt tt the rest planned to meet for lunch at 1pm.. but i bth so went to eat at 12noon once the restaurants opened.. ended up having 2 lunches tt day! haha

i like the corn and carbonara pasta!

this was the lunch i had tog w the group! not v nice.. lunch #1 nicer~

after tt was vvvv full.. LOL... fat~  so, we went to walk arnd... 

the ship was sponge-bob themed! roll-over frm xmas i guess~
actually i din know much abt spongebob.. until i got to know my ex-colleague who is a big sponge-bob fan! haha.. but somehow i think patrick's cuter~ heehee spongebob is a bit too... err.. SQUARE.. lol #punny

my ootd~ i love camwhoring in lifts w good lighting.. heehee

the library was quite chio! victorian themed... and had internet.. but it cost like $0.05 per min or smtg (can't rem! STM omg).. so i only logged in for a while to check twitter.. was itching to read twitter cuz the ship no wifi and can't connect to 3G or else i'll be data-roaming.. zzz really too hooked on social media liao~

went back to the room for a while and cam-whored on the balcony.. haha..

 then we went to play mj again! (lost $20! zzz)..

took tis pic in the mj room.. lighting was bad so des asked us to tilt our head to get some lighting.. haha..

being the last day of 2011 and the last nite on the cruise, we decided to go for the bbq dinner  by the pool at the highest level of the ship!

food was great! i looovee the fried kway teow (had 2 servings!), the curry chicken and the roti prata!
the roti prata queue was mad long cuz they cooked on the spot and they din limit the no. of pratas u cld take at first.. i din bother to queue but des n chenda did so i managed to eat prata also.. heehee!

after eating, i was dam full and bored so i went to walk arnd the circumference of the ship at the toppest level... the breeze was dam shiok! so relaxing~

then we went back into the ship.. took these photos w the lit up christmas tree!

i held spongebob's hand! hahaha

and this des v dirty minded one.. he looked at spongebob's nose and started thinking tt it looks like *ahem* and proceeded to stand in front of it like this..
and i managed to capture this pic w his eyes close so he looks like he was feeling dam shioked to be *ahem* by spongebob's nose.. LOL

then i went for a swim at the top deck of the ship.. quite shiok to swim at nite cuz not much pple in the pool! and its cooler.. no scorching hot sun =)

following which, rested a while then proceeded to the Star Lounge for our "Countdown"..

the first half of the last hr of 2011, i spent it by watching a dance flr full of indians dancing!
they played indian music somemore..
then when the dj suddenly played chinese music, some of the chinese cheered!
was telling chicky that gg to have racial riot liao haha..

but the indians were more "Da Fang" than chinese la.. when chinese songs played, most of them still continued dancing... while the chinese nv dance when indian songs.. #feelshameful

"countdown" sucks.. no counting at all... just suddenly played Auld Lang Syne 
but enjoyed myself dancing... long time nv "club" liao.. haha #old

::1st Jan 2012, Sunday::

went for brekkie at bella vista..
sucks! svs slow and they mixed up our orders (this dun haf, tt dun haf) and food tasted bad...  oh well..

my 1st outfit for tt day which i wore to brekkie..
(also wore this to countdown heehee)

 some camwhoring shots w my straw hat!

can't decide which one i prefer..

we disembarked at arnd 11am.. then i went home to put my things and then went out again cuz had a wedding lunch to attend.. my p*c mgr got married! so long nv see her... was happy for her and happy to see some ex colleagues =) her wedding was at mandarin oriental which serves great food~ mention-worthy dish was the chili crab sauce (with real crab) + mantou! unique and yums.. 

wore this to the wedding~
dress: asos
belt: new look

hope all of u had a wonderful new yr eve + new yr! wishing you all the best in 2012 (though only 11/12 of it left.. haha)!! huat ah~

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