Sunday, June 04, 2006

more photos!

i'm sad.. know why? everytime i look in the mirror, i HATE wat i see.. no.. not tt i put on more weight.. its tt i see a black face staring back at me and i feel like crying.. my fairly fair complexion tt i took so long to achieve is all gone in slightly more than 1 wk! sob sob.. thank goodness i din spend money on whitening pdts b4 i came to singapore.. or else it wld have been an utter waste of money.. (see below for pics of my black face.. note: it looks whiter on pics.. )

my super black face

black n white pic are nicer for me now.. haha

went downtown with amy after work.. had ice cream from this cold stone creamery ice cream shop.. DAM GOOD! we shared one medium cup.. its US3.89.. ex but dam good la.. juz choose one ice cream taste and one topping.. den they mix it for us on top of cold stone.. we choose white chocolate ice cream and reese peanut butter cup as the topping...

eating our yummy ice cream

spoke to my manager today and requested a change of job.. wanted to switch to games or ticketing.. but he said tt he wld try to arrange for me to operate rides tt do not require me to be directly under the sun... so end up, i spent my whole day getting trained on this new ride called 'wipe out'.. i tink american's way of working is quite cool.. like today, we had our morning briefing in the new ride area.. and after tt briefing, our manager allowed us to ride the ride (although we are not suppose to go on rides when we are wearing our uniform).. anyway, chicken me din ride cuz din noe how the ride will be like since it is new.. but after seeing it, i tot it'll be quite ok.. cuz i'm ok with speed.. not height and sudden drops.. but din get a chance.. however, cuz the ride is totally in an enclosed area, my manager decided to train me on tt ride.. 4 of us got trained together and we cld sit the ride while each other was practising the operation of the ride.. so i got brave and sat.. and it was really quite fun.. quite scared at first.. but after turning for a while, it got ok.. but when i got off the ride, i was quite giddy.. haha.. (my first ride!!)

so i got off work 1 hr early today and decided to go jogging after a rest.. ended up i walked more than i run loh.. cuz the view was breathtaking.. den i juz walked back all the way..
the breathtaking view

love this chair n flowers.. so beautiful..

proof tt i'm @ santa cruz!

anyway, we finally washed our kitchen floor.. it was dam dirty la.. took like 1 hr to mop eventhough the area was super small.. but u noe wat? they dun have any drain like thingy to push the water to.. so we had to sweep up the excess water.. so stupid.. even the toilet dun have those drain hole on the floor.. how to wash toilet? hai..

den after tt, amy n me went to arcade to play games.. played tetrinet and puzzle bobble.. haha.. quite fun.. and then, we went for FREE mini-golf (ah.. the goodness of employee benefits man).. per game is USD5 leh.. haha.. and the conclusion? we both suck at golf man.. haha.. although for some holes, we managed to get the golf ball in according to the expected no. of swings.. but it was FUN loh.. more free mini-golf for us!

anyway, tomorrow is my first off day (FINALLY!) going to sleep in, do laundry and go shopping.. heh heh.. can't wait!

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