Thursday, June 08, 2006

yesterday (tuesday), my department --area 3 Rides-- had an employee bbq gathering.. apparently our department got a USD500 award for safety... den still got USD250 left.. so they spent it on food for us.. ate alot there.. they had like cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, hot dogs, chips and sodas... really quite yummy le.. and the best thing is tt it was free! and my manager was preparing the food for us.. he really quite nice to the employees.. haha..

den they also opened up some rides for us.. so we sat on them.. quite fun leh.. so proud of myself.. haha.. jk..

after that, some bulgarian (is this how its spelt?) work n travel students invited us to their apartment for a 'party'.. we ended up chatting with them while drinking (eeks.. i dun like the taste of alcohol.. so i drank juice.. haha).. here are some pics..

Zebelle (a singaporean) and me..

me and 2 Olga (from russia)

(clockwise) Sunny (from bulgaria), Me, Alex(from ecuador) and Zack(singaporean)

After work today, went for a walk to see the sunset.. here are some photos..
bird footprints! so cute rite?

amy, me and yiming
my chao ta fren.. haha
love this pic..

kk.. time to sleep.. working at 1015am again tml.. sian.. can't wait for saturday.. my off day! yay! =)

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