Wednesday, May 31, 2006

photos galorre

woohoo.. finally did some shopping..

monday was memorial day in US.. so the boardwalk opened till 8 instead of 11.. and the good thing was i started work @330pm! so shiok.. i slept till 12pm, did some laundry.. den decided to walk to downtown to do some shopping... went to gap and stuff... gap clothes have such huge sizes.. but due to lack of time, i juz tried some and left... also not v cheap.. but definitely will go back again =)

anyway, here are some photos of downtown..

car garage.. cars on sale!

TACO BELL! must eat there someday
my fave subway! but daily special 2.49.. so ex..
Borders! (think.. cow.. haha) haven gone in though...
shit man.. my schedule for the wk sucks.. start at 1015 everyday and work till closing time... close at 5pm from tues to thurs and close at 7pm on fri... sat work till 330pm and off on sunday! yay! maybe i'll go shopping on sunday... haha..
but the boardwalk was super quiet today.. my ride only had 135 children the whole day.. when on bz days, each hr got like 100+ children already... the good thing is tt it was v slack.. stoning most of the day.. the bad thing is tt time passed dam slowly.. but i like the fact tt it closed at 5pm today..
went to capitola mall after work today.. shopped for abt 2 hrs at wet seal... and ate carls jr! funny tt i nv eaten carls jr in spore b4 and the 1st time i eat it is in us! really not bad.. but the burger was huge.. but i still managed to finish it cuz was hungry... felt bloated after tt though.. and its also not cheap.. paid US5.70 for a meal.. ex rite? but free flow of drinks =)
here are some photos of the day..

bus ride to capitola


at cingular wireless mobile shop

my wet seal purchases!

love this top man.. can wear to work nxt time too!

the remnants of my carls jr meal..

oh btw.. i've turned like 2 shades darker.. so sad... i juz bought foundation loh! waste my money.. now hafta buy 2 tones darker ones... =( who wan buy from me? haha.. jk

kk.. here's some photos of my apartment..

my window side bed the super small toilet

the messy bedroom cum living room

small kitchen

dining area in the small kitchen

my employee ID!! =)

kk.. enuff blogging for today.. will blog again soon after i've collected enuff photos again.. haha

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