Thursday, June 08, 2006

shopping tripS!

after hearing of this great place to shop from my fren, i decided to go explore on my own during my off day... its called ROSS... they sell designer wares at dam good bargains! my kind of thing.. haha

spent abt USD65 in total on the purchases below..

can u believe these jeans are only USD9.90?

bought 2 gorgeous bikini...

love the pattern on this on.. USD12.99

tot these were rather ex but love the top part... USD 16.99

the 1st umpire line top tt fits me well.. USD5.99

halter with collar... USD8.99 (i tink)

see the strip background on the photos? i bought tt blanket for USD4+..

anyway, chicky haven gone to Ross yet.. so i went with her after work on monday.. ended up, i spent another USD77... so now i'm quite broke.. so have been watching my spending the past few days.. but pay check is coming this friday though! happy... gonna celebrate with pizza n ice cream.. =)

my nine west bag! for work! USD23.99

guess bag for only USD 11.99

the same umpire line top but in black..(cow.. MAYBE its for u.. haha)

halter top for work! (if can wear to work.. ) USD 6.99

black jacket.. USD12.99

bedroom slippers... USD 3.99

oh ya.. haven shown u all my ugly work uniform.. the tee is not too bad.. but the pants is awful.. juz wearing it makes me look fatter.. looks like i put on 10kg juz like tt.. haha

kk.. will continue with my next post now...

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