Saturday, May 04, 2013

My favourite singing competition!

I blog mainly to write and share about what I'm passionate about and I am definitely passionate about this "singing competition"- The Voice!

In particularly, The Voice 4!

I really really loooooove the concept of The Voice. Of how everything starts with the Blind Auditions where people are judged and compete on solely on their VOICE (how aptly the show was named!)! Everything else is put aside - image, race, size and even gender! And because of this, almost all the contestants selected through the audition rounds have amazing and, for some, unique voices!

To be honest, I only started watching the Voice when I caught snippets of the Voice 2 on cable (replays).. I love Christina Aguilera (the epitome of a great voice.. apt again) because of her powerful vocals and also how she carries herself and her style (more so in the earlier years of her career) and I was hooked after I noticed the tremendous talent the Voice showcased!

My fave of Voice 2 was Lindsey Pavao!

somehow I really love indie-sounding voices.. i dunno why.. something twinkling and special about these kinda voices!

And then Voice 4 started and they broadcasted it on cable too (still onging!)! In Voice 4, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera were replaced by Usher and Shakira respectively (cuz the previous judges have other commitments..). I was pretty apprehensive abt the new judges but now halfway through the season, I really love Shakira! she seems soooo real and nice.. and sensitive to the people in Team Shakira! and I always thought Usher was cool and serious but he is really quite cheeky and funny~


and my other fave judge is Blake cuz he's so funny and I think he's a good and nice coach too~ and of cuz the HOT Adam Levine who is just so charismatic in the way he speaks and comforts the contestants.


Another reason to watch the Voice is for the chemistry between the 4 judges! I always find myself laughing out loud (lol.. lol~) to myself from their banter and teasing.. (e.g. Adam calling Blake an orge..) really entertaining!

For the Voice 4, my fave voices so far are:

(1) Caroline Glaser

Another indie sounding voice! love!


(2) Ryan Innes
(3) Judith Hill
She was Michael Jackson's background singer and definitely one of the most powerful singers in the Voice 4.. too good that I somehow feel she don't need to be coached and to be coached by Adam.

(4) Sasha Allen

i like her latest performance in the Knockout Rounds better but couldn't find a video of it yet..
Anyway I think Team Adam has many many strong singers this season (they somehow picked him when the contestant had to choose between 2 or more judges)! Team Adam might just win this season i feel.
So yup, I'm definitely hooked on the Voice! Am also watching American Idol Season 12 but I feel that you can easily find better and more unique voices singing on the Voice!
Do watch if you can~


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