Sunday, April 21, 2013


I'm sure many of you would have heard by now that the famous French Pâtisserie, Ladurée, recently opened its first Singapore outlet! Ladurée is one of the best known makers of macarons in the world [Source: Wikipedia].
Personally I'm not a fan of macarons. The first and only macaron I've ever eaten (before this) was from Bakerz Inn.. and seriously, I was wondering what's the big craze over macarons about? If you're on Instagram, you're sure to see the influx of macaron pictures flooding the timeline.
Anyway, after hearing soooo many people hype about  Ladurée macarons, I just had to go down to their Singapore store to get myself some!
Ladurée is located inside Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Their main store is at L2 while their counter (selling mainly macarons) is at L1. The counter is near Chanel and LV~ But I heard the L2 store also sells their famous macarons.
this is the counter at L1.


its really a macaron lover's heaven!

their packagings are all so pretty!

i really like this box! but i'm not gonna buy sooo many macarons..
wonder if they sell their boxes on their own? lol

I went at around 10am on a weekday and there was NO QUEUE! whee~ super happy cause I HATE queues with a vengeance.
I decided to buy 8 macarons so I can get a box and can try different flavours.. the macarons cost S$3.80 each which in my opinion is really rather steeply priced.. but I figured that this is something that I definitely need to try at least once in my life.. plus, I'm not flying to Paris anytime soon.. lol

here's the flavours they sell.. sorry its a bit blur =(
My verdict is that their macarons are really not bad! I bot these flavours:
- Praline
- Ghana Chocolate (i think its Dark Chocolate)
- Chocolate
- Marie-Antoinette (Earl Grey)
- Rose Petal
- Vanilla
- Salted Caramel x 2
And I liked them in the order I jotted them down above! lol.. really.. their chocolate series ones are the best out of the lot I bot! Maybe also cause I'm a chocolate lover but their chocolate macarons are not that sweet which was perfect for my tastebuds.. unlike the Salted Caramel which was too dam sweet for my liking.
If you like something different, you can try the Marie-Antoinette and Rose Petal ones! They are also nice! You can probably skip the Vanilla though as it tasted ordinary. If you're only buying one, I'd recommend the Praline (my fave!) or the Ghana Chocolate (if you like something less sweet).
here's pictures of my purchases:
this is the box they give when you buy 8 pcs.. its also rather pretty!
definitely retaining the paperbag as a keepsake =)

my pretty macarons! the mint one is the Marie-Antoinette and the pink one is the Rose Petal!
these 2 really brightened up the whole pack and they are my fave colours heehe
(the rose petal one REALLY taste like rose.. i know from the Rose tea i drink)
But all in, I still will not crave for macarons (like i do with cakes) and probably will not splurge on these again.. unless I'm in Paris! lol.. nonetheless, if you haven't tried Ladurée's macarons, you should at least once, especially since they're so conveniently available now =)

Ladurée Singapore

391 Orchard Road
#02-09 (boutique) & #01-24A (counter)
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872  
Tel : +(65) 6884 7361 - Fax : +(65) 6884 7362  
Opens daily from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.


.qian. said...

it was EUR15 for 6 in Paris! very ex! but callie loved it, i think i prefer a good bowl of fish soup for that price LOLs~

Anonymous said...

I tried the choc yuzu one and its not bad too. But the flavour was a bit explosive. Haha
- hw

Jaxine Khoo said...

to qian: ya! i agree! after trying macarons, i rather spend the money on one BIG BOWL (relatively) of fish soup than one mini macaron. lol

to hw: explosive?? try the praline or ghana choc ones! =)