Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Burger Bar and The Tiramisu Hero!

I actually read abt this new burger place on many bloggers' blog and had been meaning to try it but didn't make the effort to go down to Far East Plaza to try!

Then, heard a review on it on Class 95 by Yasminne and the way she described it made me crave for a good burger right away! And then, somehow, soooo many people were posting pictures of burgers on their instagram and it intensified my cravings..

So I headed down to Far East Plaza when I happened to be near newton area to buy myself some burger! WARNING: Drool-worthy pictures ahead, so don't read on if you're hungry or if its the middle of the night lol.

The Burger Bar is opened by Vernon A and Justin, more famously known as The Muttons from 987fm, and Bernie from Fat Boy's Burgers!

i love the ordering concept! there are 2 ipads where you can customise your burger and your order by yourself! (so if the order is taken wrongly, you have yourself to blame.. lol.. just kidding!)
you get to choose what burger bun you want, what type of cheese you'd like, what toppings you'd like.. and also order your sides!
Then you just go to the counter to pay for your order and wait while they prepare your food!

my burger!
opted for the chicken (as always) burger and added lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions and portobello mushroom.
for the sauce, i went for my fave honey mustard but i'd love to try the unique peanut butter sauce one day!
as additional ingredients (other than the basic like tomato, lettuce and cheese i think which are included in the base price of each burger) are charged separately, my burger cost $12.50. It might be a lil steep but then i heard that good burgers can cost up to $40! omg.
oh and the burger is HUGE! cldn't finish it in one sitting even tho i have a huge appetite for food i like!
anyway, overall i felt tt the burger was good but not fantastic.. but i'd definitely wldn't mind patronising this store again to satisfy my future burger cravings lol

oh but one thing i didn't like was how small the place was! really not much place for eating in.. it'd be a better idea to opt for take away.

oh! you can also get Tiramisu Hero there! but they only sell it in this form and you can't customise the tiramisu.. but then its more convenient if you're alrdy there.
the tiramisu was not sweet enough for my liking and i felt that the alcohol content was too much. but then i don't take alcohol so you might like this if you do.
To customise, you can order from here.

oh, The Tiramisu Hero is opened by my uni hall mate, the talented and pretty Peggy!
always saw her around hall last time but I'm not sure if she'd recognise me haha
ok, that's abt it for this post.. leaving you with the Burger Bar's add if you'd like to get your burger fix:
The Burger Bar by Fat Boy’s
Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road

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