Tuesday, May 07, 2013

2nd May 2013: Othello In The Park~

Always wanted to watch a Shakespeare in the Park play cause of the interesting outdoor theatre concept!

So when my cousin told me she got a pair of tickets but didn't wanna go, I jumped at the chance and immediately contacted Ida to ask her if she's free to go with me! luckily for me, she was!

This year, the play was Othello which was by the Singapore Repertory Theatre. It was held at Fort Canning Green~


Can I just say i hate going to fort canning! anything hill-y, i don't like haha.. Firstly, I couldn't find Fort Canning and then when I found it, it took forever to get a parking lot and I was already running late (Sorry Ida for making you stand there and wait for me for half hr)! Finally settled on parking at the hotel on Fort Canning Hill and it was an uphill climb to get to Fort Canning Green. By the time I reached, I was 10 mins late but thankfully they still let us in so we didn't miss much.. but i was panting from the rush!

Back to Othello, I had NO IDEA what the story was about cause the Shakespeare tales I studied when I took Literature in Sec school was Romeo and Juliet and the Merchant of Venice.. So I was pretty lost at the beginning and Shakespeare's prose was not easy to grasps just like that (even for a former Lit student, sadly). I would highly recommend that you google the plot first before you attend the play if you don't know it already (like me). I did that and was reading while watching haha.. made understanding and appreciating the play that much easier!

the stage!
we actually managed to get quite a gd space to place our mats and watch the play!

ida and me!
Thanks girl for buying for me clam chowder from MOS Burger and snacks and drinks from cold storage! So sweet~ She totally didn't have to do that but she did =)
And also thanks for the company! Been too long since we last did anything together~ soon again!

 the casual sitting arrangements =)

Overall, I found the play good! The performances by the whole cast was great! Its definitely not easy memorising Shakespeare and acting it out for 2-3hrs straight. So kudos to the cast for doing just that while acting it out well!
I also kinda like the unique outdoor setting! It was surprisingly not hot and humid (maybe cause it was held at night) and I like how "open" the stage was, as compared to the usual indoor stages. The only thing was sitting down on a mat placed on the grass made my back and butt ache and I had to constantly change my sitting position. I even took to lying down for a bit.. haha.. which was quite fun la!
Go watch a Shakespeare in the Park play if you haven't, even if its just for the outdoor experience =)

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