Saturday, September 08, 2012


For those who don't know, I'm a strong believer in karma.
I used to also believe in 報 (kindness begets kindness) but seeing how suay (unlucky) my life sometimes is, I've given up on this notion.
However, i still believe in karma. Esp if you do evil, it is bound to come back at you. Seen this happen in real life a few times! A stark incident i recall is my sister laughing at me for slipping/falling when i was in china (and she in singapore) and she fell the very same way the next day! Also heard of many similar incidents.
For those who don't know, earlier this yr (or late last yr?), I picked up a stranger's wallet when I went to Arab Street. The wallet was very simple looking  (more like a coin pouch) but there was $200+ dollars in it. It also had many cards in it, the most important of which was the I/C of the owner. I was of course very tempted to keep the money for myself. But thinking that I shouldn't be greedy, and afraid of karma plus knowing that the owner was probably very frantic over his loss, I decided to return the wallet in its entirety to the owner. Did this by using the money inside to courier it back to the owner the next day.
And the owner was very appreciative of the gesture. He insisted on giving us (i picked it up when i was with my aunt) 2 x $50 IKEA card even though we said it was alright (he was still a student after all).. we refused a few times but he was persistent and finally we accepted his good intentions.
Fast forward to this Tuesday (4th Sep 2012): I went to Cathay to catch the preview of Hope Springs (won the tix from a 8 days contest). When I reached home, i realised that my wallet was missing.. a search arnd my room and in the car did not yield anything and I can only conclude that I dropped it in the cinema when I was pulling my jacket out from my bag.
I was frantic. Afterall, I bought the wallet only in 21 Jul 2012 and it was my first branded goods purchase (not counting Coach and Kate Spade)! Those who know me knows that I have been wanting to buy a miu miu wallet/bag for the longest time but have always been unwilling to part with the insane amount of money for a single item (esp since buying in Singapore is more ex as compared to from Europe, but i'm not going there anytime soon).. I finally decided that this year I would splurge on a miu miu wallet, after all life is short and its like owning a miu miu item is something on my bucket list (lol)! So i bought it as my birthday present to myself this year.
I was hoping that maybe the cinema staff or the building staff had picked up my wallet. So, early the next day, i called both places but sadly both said they did not find any miu miu wallet. I then proceeeded to cancel all my credit cards (took me 1+ hrs cause I have credit cards from 7 different banks! gosh, i really need to cancel some..).. thankfully all the banks said that no one had used my cards yet. After work that day, I went to make a police report because my work identity card requires me to do so (if you know where i'm working, u'd know why. btw, for i/c and driving license, no need to make police report apparently). I was given a number to call to check i anyone has returned my identity cards but sadly, no one had.
Estimated cost of loss:

Miu miu wallet                               $750
Cash inside wallet                          $160
Vouchers inside wallet                     $30
Cost of replacement:
- I/C                                                $100
- Driving License                             $25
- Work identity card                         $50
ATM Cards replacement                   $5   

Its been 3 days already and still no news! Right now, I only wish that the person who picked up my wallet would mail me back my identity cards. That's all I want now. Because these will cost money to replace and is also very troublesome to replace.
If you're wondering how Karma plays a part in this? Here's how: A radio station was giving away $1k for the best player this week for a word game (one player a day). This is a very popular radio station and I have never ever in my life called through during that time slot because of the sheer number of people listening to that radio show and when they give cash prizes, it is nearly impossible to call through. And guess what? I called through on Thursday. I somehow managed to do better than the past 3 day's contestant and thus was leading. It all boiled down to the contestant on Friday (today). I was hoping that a lousy contestant would call through and true enough, the contestant on Friday did not manage to get any of the words at all! I thus won the $1k (have not receive the prize yet tho)!
I really couldn't believe it. It's like I'm being repaid for what I have lost! I mean, I've never ever called through and just in the week where i have lost $1+k in cash and equivalents, I managed to call through and win. And not just any prize or amounts but exactly $1k!
I can't help but attribute this to Karma. I had returned back someone's lost cash and wallet and thus I'm also being returned my loss (tho not the exact wallet and items la, but who's complaining?)! Really really very thankful! Guess I'm lucky in this aspect =)
So to all out there, be careful of what you do.. because Karma really do strikes back and it bites back especially hard for those who do evil.
To all my friends who had offered words of consolation, I really thank you (you know who you are)! Really 患难见真情 (you know who your true friends are in times of difficulty)! *big hugs*
And to the person who picked up my wallet and not only do not bother to return but also never send back my important cards, I have only one word for you: KARMA!
R.I.P. my miu miu wallet! Tho I only enjoyed you for 1.5months, it was great owning you. Not sure if i'd ever wanna buy a branded wallet again... at least not now..

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