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Manila & Boracay (18 to 23 Jun 2012): Part 2

time to continue blogging abt my manila/boracay holiday!

:: 19th June 2012, Tuesday::

After the dam scary flight, we thankfully landed at Caticlan in one piece!

As there is no airports in Boracay itself, we had to fly in to Caticlan then take a 15 min boat ride to Boracay..

The other option is to fly in to Kalibo and take a boat ride.. but if i'm not wrong, Caticlan is nearer..

still named as Boracay Airport.. i don't know why..

After "walking" thru customs (it was dam easy.. not much checks), the resorts' stuff picked us up in a van to bring us to the "jetty" to take the boat to Boracay..

in the van on the way to the "jetty"

waiting for our boat!
waited a while cuz they were waiting for more pple to come frm the airport so the boat is fuller..

the beach here also quite pretty alrdy!

boarding the boat!

yay reached!
and then we waited there (again) for the van to pick us up to bring us to our resort..
while waiting, pple came to sell us souvenirs... there was a lil girl (arnd 7?) selling stuff too and i took pity on her so i bot from her a necklace.. which i later found she charged me double la.. but then its ok cuz its still not tt ex (like maybe S$3?).. haha.. and help her cuz she's so young and need to work alrdy..
when we were leaving boracay, she also came to sell stuff.. then i think she recog me.. then she gave me a handmade hp charm for free.. so sweet! its a v simple charm but its the gesture tt counts =)

our room!
the place is called Milflores de Boracay..abt SGD 80-90 per night..
it was the best resort tt i came across while researching for accom..
there are other more high end accom (hotel-like) but of cuz its much more ex la..
this resorts not too bad.. but i dun like the musky smell of the room + the noisy aircon!
but then the toilet n beds are clean and the resort is like a 2-3mins walk away from Station 1 (best area of the beach) of the famous White Beach !

After putting down our stuff and freshening up, we headed out to find food! and of cuz, to explore!

this is the inner lane of Boracay (lane runs parallel to the beach)..
the next lane is the beach..

settled on this place for lunch!

Avocado milk shake.. omg sooooooo good!
it got me hooked on avocado shakes! nv did try this when in SG.. haha

Seafood pasta which was not bad..

u can never go wrong with fries!
unless its fat fries tt is..
i think this is sloppy joe or smtg..
but i din like tt it was drenched in cheese sauce! made it v jelat and soggy..

arty shot which was too dark but i rescued with photoshop.. haha
then we went to explore!

these boys were "playing with fire" lol
and then we found chenda's fave food!

banana-Q! basically like sugar coated deep fried banana!
this cost abt S$0.50 (P15?) but apparently its ex alrdy cuz chenda said you can get it for less than P10 at some places in manila..

so happy with her fave food!

then we headed to the beach area..

found the famous Mother Mary statue!

the sea water is soooo clear! u can see my feet soo clearly and can hardly tell there's water!


we took pics with this sand structure..
then some boys came to say need to pay money for taking photo!
i din wanna pay.. wanted to ignore.. but chenda gave them money..
oh well.. treat it as helping them out ba.. they prob do this for a living.. 

saw some other boys sculpting a similar structure.. 

slacking for a while.. haha

found starbucks!
my fave ice chocolate!
think its abt S$4.50 for the grande! cheap~
had this like 2 days in a row.. lol

this lady kept posing with her pink scarf omg..
i a bit buay tahan-ed.. she made a lot of old fashioned "model" poses..


and then the sun started to set.. gorgeous! (more pics of the Boracay sunset in next post!)
but too dark, so can't see me (only my silouette).. lol
went in search of the mall.. and discovered its not a mall (think, building) per se.. its more of like a clusters of stalls together.. smtg like those night "markets" (not road side kind) in bangkok.. 

got small ferris wheel!

picked this place for dinner..
apparently it has lotsa outlets in Manila..
sells grilled food.. like grilled chicken, grilled fish etc

 one set with rice cost abt S$3 (P99) which is ok i guess..
ate with hands~
gotta say this was one of the best meals i had during the whole Philippines trip! so you can try this too if you're headed there =)


saw a food plc named "Army Navy" (not in D Mall)
so relevant to my current job! lol

i super love these tees! hand painted!
why got pple so talented one ah?
couldn't resist and custom-made one for myself.. costs arnd S$24-30 depending on whether u choose black tee or white tee and which tee sized.. black is more ex cuz i think they need to paint an extra white layer of paint before they can paint the colours onto it..
pic of my tee in subsequent posts!

also made this!
v cheap la.. like S$1 nia.. haha..
but looks ex rite? haha
actually quite shocked at their souvenirs price.. cuz i tot Boracay, being a touristy spot, would have tourist-targeted-priced souvenirs (aka "kan" tourist prices).. but no leh.. their souvenirs all v reasonably priced (except maybe the customised tee.. lol)!
maybe too them its alrdy ex.. cuz their SOL comparatively is lower than SG's.. but i love the fact tt their souvenirs are reasonably price la! haha

and i also bot this ukelele to play!
kidding la.. its just a decorative piece.. for my room!
but can't rem how much tho... S$5?
ok! that's all for this instalment! will post more on Boracay next, so stay tuned! pretty pics of Boracay coming up!

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