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Manila & Boracay (18 to 23 Jun 2012): Part 1~

Finally getting down to blogging abt my Manila & Boracay Trip!

Took a 6 day holiday to these 2 places cuz I wanted to go on a beach holiday + there happened to be an SIA promo to Manila at SGD 280 per person for a round trip! so decided to fly to Manila and then take a domestic flight from there to Boracay..

::18th June 2012, Monday::
Singapore ----> Manila

whee~ haven flew with SQ for too dam long!
our flight was at 2+pm and was to reach Manila at 5+pm (no time difference)

took some pics at this area we passed by otw to the boarding gate..
cuz the flowers were pretty! haha

and the Accessorize at the airport has v nice stuff! nicer than the outlets outside the airport i feel!
bot a pair of sunnies for almost SGD 40! decided to buy a better pair cuz i don't have one.. my sunnies are usually cheaper (less than SGD 20 and of not so good quality)

and also bot tt earring set cuz its butterflies (one of my fave)! and so colorful! and nicely shaped..
SGD 20+ for tt set of earrings..


us waiting to board the plane!

SQ~ i've missed you so much..
really love the seats! cuz my legs are v long, my knee caps always are touching or pushing into the seat in front of me..
but this time, there was a slight gap between my legs and the seat in front!
plus the seats are comfy.. i dozed off while watching a movie and ended up not finishing the movie.. haha

airplane food! i actually quite like airplane food..
this was some fish dish which wasn't tt good tho..
but the highlight had to be the desserts ---- ice cream!! [tho it had a lil coffee in it.. =(]

after an approx 3h 30mins flight, we reached manila!

first sight of manila..
reminds me a bit of m'sia, i don't know why.. 

waiting for chenda's nephew, Michael, to come pick us up!

went to Shakey's for dinner.
Its an american diner and the decor and menu were very ang-moh styled.

and of cuz, dinner consisted of pizza, pasta and fried chicken. lol
the food was ok only tho. .

with some of chenda's family. I commented tt they are such a big group but chenda's brother said this was only like 1/4 of their whole family.. O_O

(some of them who were at the dinner wan't in this pic)

with the youngest member tt night.. Gabrielle, who's 6!
so cute rite!

and chenda told them it was my bday soon..
so they ordered this for me.. yogurt w sparkles..
which was all fine..
only tt at Shakey's, when it was their customer's bday, a handful of the staff would come to tt customer's table and start singing bday song..
embarrassing max!
somemore they sang in Tagalog.. lol

went to the nearby supermarket to buy some groceries..
yakult there was so cheap! i think like SGD 1+ for a whole pack..
but tt's like mini sized yakult tho.. haha

also bot all these cuz they were saying tt Boracay's snacks are more ex.. so they asked us to stock up!
all these plus 2 tubes of yakult cost abt SGD 7... such value for money!

after dinner and snack buying, we went to check in at our bed and breakfast.. since we were only staying at Manila for one night before we fly to Boracay the next day, decided to book a cheaper accom..

we settled on Stone House at Quezon City.. i think its abt SGD 40 - 50 per night.. they have like smaller rooms which went for SGD 30+ per nite.. really quite worth it for 2 person..

except tt the hotel was on the main road and throughout the nite i can hear the traffic =( and the bedroom was a bit musky.. not v comfy.. oh well.. thankfully it was only for one nite.. 

the living room which was outside our room..

:: 19th June 2012, Tuesday::
Manila ----> Boracay

 our room was on the top floor and this was the area outside our room..
took these the next morn.. quite nice..

started the day with breakfast at the bed n breakfast's only restaurant.. breakfast was included in our room rates.. 

chenda's philippino style breakfast..
egg, philippino style sausage and rice which looks v oily.. haha

i opted for pancakes which wasn't good..

fave breakfast item is toast with strawberry jam and butter..
but the bread was v horrible..

and then we took a 1.5hr cab to the airport.. i slept on the cab while chenda was chatting to the driver.. the cab ride only cost us SGD 8.. but chenda gave the driver double the pr cuz he was telling her abt his son who was struck with illness and now can't earn a living.. so sad! anyway SGD 16 for a 1.5hr cab ride to the airport was still v reasonable~

arriving at Manila's domestic airport!

after checking in for our Cebu airlines flight to Boracay, we were told to go to this counter to take our body weight!
found it perculiar cuz nv encountered this before and questioned them on this..
apparently, its cuz the plane was small, so they had to take the wt of all their passengers so as to place the passengers at appropriate seats to balance the airplane!
so interesting.. you learn smtg new everyday.. =)
(but then, i really din wanna take my wt.. haha)

had some time to kill so decided to go look for my local sim card..  i wanted to buy a local sim card which would allow me to have internet on the go..
but the card that we bot the day before was the usual sim card size.. so i cldn't use it with my iPhone 4 which uses micro sim.. (didn't matter cuz the card had no value inside)..
so i stupidly kept the sim card with me for the night.. and then, someone at the airport suggested that we cut the normal sim card! so i really cut the normal sim card, using my micro sim card as a gauge..
and it worked!! so happy!
wireless on the go for less than SGD 2 a day.. =)))

still had some time to kill so we went for breakfast #2.. lol

 ordered a peach waffle to share..
not nice.. lol

chenda with her coffee..

so happy.. haha

took this and then realised i captured the "Pancake House" sign behind me =)

waiting to board the Cebu airline flight!
me with my new sunnies =)

with the plane!

 us all seated and ready to head to Boracay!

can i just say tt this was the worst flight i've ever sat on! omg.. cuz the plane was small, you could really feel every movement more intensely! the take off was at such a steep ascent tt the pressure was uncomfy.. and all turbulence was intensified.. horrible horrible experience.. thankfully had chenda arnd to reassure me.. haha.. was rather dreading the flight back to Manila cuz it was also a domestic flight but on a different airline.. more on tt in another post!

alright.. tt's the end of Part 1.. Part 2 will be on Boracay! many pretty beach pictures =)

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