Thursday, March 22, 2012

Makeup Favourites!

been wanting to blog abt the makeup pdts i use and adore but keep putting it off cuz lazy to take pics of my makeup! haha..

finally got down to doing so, so here goes!

i'll post it in the order of what i put on my face.. lol

Accidentally stumbled upon this amazing product!
it actually came in the ZA 2-way foundation set which i buy at yr end cuz v worth it.
Arnd S$34-35 and you get a case, 2 foundation cake, this foundation and a pouch!
anyway the conceaer is amazing cuz it really covers quite well and u can't see it after you slap on just the 2 way foundation!
i use shade #2.

before i discovered the 2 way foundation, i usually use liquid foundation as my makeup base n tt's all.. but then its quite messy on the hands (classic example was during a training session when we had to play with dough n i was rolling the dough and it turned out chalky.. kendrya asked me why my hands so dirty and i din know why at tt pt but then i realised its cuz of me applying liquid foundation with my hands and nv washing it off properly)
so i switched to powder foundation..
but i like this revlon liquid foundation cuz it goes really well with the ZA 2 way foundation.. gives me smooth looking skin!

think this is arnd S$30..

and this is my staple foundation now.. i usually just slap this on, then my jurlique powder (featured below) and blusher (featured below) and i'm good to go (to work tt is.. hahaha.. or sometimes when i dun feel like dolling up but still wanna hide my pimple scars)!

i usually buy this during xmas cuz of the set mentioned abv.

use #23 cuz i prefer to look tanner.. previously used #22 but when i grew tanner, it became too white tt i think i look pale.

got this case when i bot the set 2 yrs back! last yr's case design not nice so i sticked to this case..
can u see the monogram design? so xmas-sy

and then after the foundations + concealers, i put this on..
its an oil controlling powder.. so i usually put on my forehead, nose area and chin cuz these are my oily T-zones!

at first din really think it works but after a while i realise i dun need to use blotters during work anymore.. the oily-ness only comes out at nite at arnd 8/9pm..

but my forehead still quite oily la.. but tt's cuz of my bangs i think..

can't rem how much this cost.. think arnd S$40+ but i bot it frm HK airport so its much cheaper..
can last quite long!
started using it in nov and now only like 1/4 used..

after tt, i'd put on blusher if i'm gg to work..
if not, then its eye makeup first then blusher.. haha

anyway, i like M.A.C.'s blusher.. they haf a wide selection of colours but i prefer the pinkish one.. dun really like orange-y blushers.. pink looks younger i feel!
cost arnd S$33-35

and i also like tt VS blusher/bronzer.. got 2 tones! i prefer the darker one cuz can use it to shape the jaw and cheek bones.. but finishing soon so i use it sparingly..
this cost US$15

for eye makeup, i start off with drawing eyeliner on my top lid line first..

my ultimate fave is the one in the forefront.. its by Nivea but you can't get this from Singapore. Sis discovered this when she did an exchange in Manchester last time. She bought one for me to try and i also got hooked cuz it glides on so easily and last vv long.. we usually buy the Black one. 
think its arnd S$15-20.. can't rem.. so now when anyone goes UK, we'll ask them to help us get.. heehe

then recently i bought the middle one online! by NYX.
i decided to try brown eyeliner this time round. And i also like this one cuz of the ease of use!
and this one quite cheap. S$7.90
usually use this when i wanna go for a softer eye look.

the back one i just bought recently cuz of all the hype abt K-Palette's eyepencil!
apparently its really easy to use plus last 24hrs.
haven really had a chance to wear it out the whole day but it glides on well.

for my eyeliners, i usually buy crayon ones cuz they are the easiest to use. I can't use liquid ones for nuts cuz it doesn't come out when i try to draw my eyeline. And pencil ones always hurts.
i actually bought the K-Palette liquid eyeliner to try but i really can't draw a visible eye line.. lol

then its mascara time!

i super LOVE Maybelline mascara! but my absolute fave has got to be the Cat Eye Mascara featured abv!

this is why..

if u can see clearly, the wand is formed in a comb shape ..
so u just need to comb on the mascara to ur lashes.. think it makes it easier to apply and make my lash more obvious somehow..

usual mascara's come in brushes if u know what i mean..

this cost abt S$18-20.. but can get at disc when watson's have sale.. lol #auntiebehaviour

speaking of watson's sale, i was waiting for this to go on discount so i can buy to try..
and yay! tt day got Buy 2 get 1 free on selected Maybelline products and this was one of them! original pr is S$20.90 but cuz of the offer, it cost only S$13!
i got 2 of this~

so far tried once but din put much cuz was a casual day out. its ok i guess..
doesn't really haf the falsies effect but i'll try to put more nxt time.

after mascara, its time to slap on eyeshadow! yay! i love putting coloured eyeshadows =)
my fave is the sparkly kind and so happy tt Maybelline has it!
love it so much i bought the same one in 3 diff shades.. lol..

got the left one first.. i love the brown sparkling color, the light pink and the white!
white is good cuz u can put it at the corners of ur eyes and spread it such tt u only see the sparkles..
so ur eyes look sparkly.. heehee

then i bot the blue one cuz i quite like blue eyeshadow.. but u need to be careful with blue..
cannot put wrongly if not u look weird.

then at the watson buy 2 get 1 sale, i bot the right one cuz got gold shade!

i think soon i'll buy like all the colors they haf.. haha

this cost S$19.90 each but only paid S$13 when on offer..

this is the closeup.. can u see the sparkles? =)
my oldest one can't see the sparkles visibly liao tho.. sad..

and then sometimes when i feel like it, i'll put on lip gloss..
i generally dun look good in lipstick so i dun put tt..

actually i dun really like to put stuff on my lips cuz i will feel v uncomfy with sticky stuff on my lips..
and it usually washes away when i eat/drink anyway..

this Benefit lippy was given to me by sis (she got a set for xmas and the set had 3 tubes inside!)..
i quite like it cuz the light pink one is mainly just translucent and glossy..
while the darker pink one gives a light pink tone..

yup! coloured contacts! best is the iris enlarging ones!
i feel u can skip eye makeup when u wear these.. haha..

and when u wear it with eye makeup, ur eyes look even bigger and pretty!

i even only wear contacts when i'm only gg to plcs within my neighbourhood.. dun even put foundation haha..

favourite contact lens has gotta be Tutti Circle. I only can find this brand at stores at Macau.
can also buy online but more ex and i think they only sell by 3-mthly.
Macau one is 1 mthly and cost arnd S$24 per pair.

then i also buy from HoneyColor online. Those are 1-yearly and cost abt US$19-20 per pair..
so far have been buying Geo lenses.

I like these 2 brands cuz they are v comfy! i feel they are more comfy than Acuvue Define leh..
but maybe cuz they're more suited to my eyeball shape and size..
fave colour for lenses used to be grey but now i prefer brown and dark brown..
dark brown is great cuz when u wear, u can "bluff" pple tt ur irises are naturally this big.. lol

and just to show my whole makeup collection!
alot hoh? nut i dun use like alot of them.. just put there for standby haha
but tt's bad cuz once u open, most makeup can only keep for max. 3 mths =(

hope this post gives u a slight idea on what make up is good! =)

i'm currently interested in trying to do korean makeup .. but dunno how to go abt it.. maybe i shld you-tube it .. hehe~

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