Friday, March 09, 2012

Make It Right, For A Better Ride!

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if you've been living in Singapore for the past few months, you most probably would have heard about the MRT breakdowns on the North-South (Red) MRT line... (if you haven't, where were you?? haha)

and a known fact (or is it pre-sumption?) is that the trains have broken down due to the weight overload from ferry-ing too many passengers in recent years..

this is probably due to our ever-increasing population due to the influx of foreigners, which we have been advocating! more people = more crowded trains = more weight carried by each train!

its no wonder our trains have given way..

anyhow, the overcrowding problem is not something that will disappear overnight or something that can be resolved in the near future..

so since we need to live with this problem, why not try to embrace the problem and help make commuting a much more pleasant journey for all? since we are all "CLOSE-ly knit" (#punny) in this situation. lol

:: My Commuting Experience ::

As a fellow Singaporean, i get around Singapore mainly via buses and trains as they are the cheapest way to commute (and also car la.. if my destination is too far and inaccessible)! and with the ever-increasing taxi fares, nowadays i try not to take cab, if possible.

me and sis in a MRT train!

everytime i take the trains nowadays, i always have a slight sense of dread cuz the trains are soooo crowded and stuffy (cuz of the crowd) and you can hardly ever get a seat! what make matters worse are inconsiderate people who don't move in and crowd the entrance of the train! if we all just spread out and move further inside, i'm sure the trains will be less crowded..

another thing i can't stand is pple rushing to the door when the trains/buses are still moving and expecting people to give way.. i can't even balance properly when the trains/buses are moving and i still need to try and shift away to let them pass! we should all just wait for the train to slow down/stop before making our way to the entrance. this will inconvenience others less!

and my pet peeve is when people rush to enter the train/bus when not all the passengers who wants to alight have done so! why so kancheong? if you just let everyone alight first, you'll find that you have MORE ROOM to enter the train/bus and this will make alighting and boarding more efficient! And this will also minimise accidents from happening~

however, i'm in a dilemma to the "giving up seats to those who needs it more" motion..
I basically agree that pple should always give up seats to the elderly and pregnant.. but how do you gauge who needs it more? what if someone young and not pregnant is not feeling well and thus needs the seat? but cuz he/she is young and not pregnant, pple tend to judge when he/she doesn't give up his/her seat.. so I like to stress on the "...need them more" aspect! so if you're healthy and feeling fine, do give up your seat rather than wait for your neighbour to do so cause maybe he/she is not doing so cuz he/she is not feeling well..

hope the above tips are helpful in making our journey more pleasant!

if you've been commuting recently, u'd have seen these posters going arnd.. here are a few of my fave (in addition to the 2 i've posted above):

"When you travel with others in mind, the journey will be peaceful and enjoyable"

love this quote! =)


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