Friday, March 16, 2012

11th March 2012!

this date actually has no significance.. but it was a busy Sunday for me so imma blog abt it now.. heehee

first, we had a family lunch @ Open House which is located at Grand Park Orchard Hotel (formerly known as Crown Prince Hotel).. it was a treat by sis and me cuz of our bonuses! usual protocol is to treat the family when we do so (tho we haven treated for some time liao.. lol)

food photo bomb first!

 the buffet area
their buffet style is rather unique. you order your food at the various food "station" and they will deliver to your table (you can order as much as you want). but this doesn't apply for the salad and desserts spread.. those you can take as much as you want on your own.. heehee..

 a sneak peek at the restaurant's decor. quite simple.

 i attacked the salad first! pretend to be healthy first before whacking all the unhealthy ones.. haha
i quite like salad actually! thousand island dressing is my 2nd fave salad dressing.. first is honey mustard but sadly they don't usually have this everywhere.

oh and a lonesome sushi cuz tt was all that was left when i went there (before they refilled the platter)

 kung pao chicken. this was mediocre.

 assam fish! fish was ok but gravy was quite good!

 DIM SUM! both har gao and siew mai are not bad!

look at the super translucent har gao skin! makes the har gao look dam tempting~

 carrot cake was ok only.

 Margherita Pizza
their crust is yummy! this pizza is a bit plain tho..
i know margherita pizzas are suppose to be plain but i've eaten fantastic ones before.. this one was just good, not v good.

 Hawaiian Pizza
this is a better bet! really quite yummy.. i like~

also ate the char siew which was goood.. there was also glutinous rice but i din try tt..
also they had a noodle station where you can order laksa, mee siam, mee rebus, prawn noodles etc.. they serve in small bowls which is fantastic cuz u'll haf more stomach space to try other food too!
but i din get any noodles tho.. just tried a bit off mum's and chenda's.. 


omg i NEED to rave abt their fruit tarts! they are dam delicious (imo)! i'm a big fan of fruit tarts and sadly normally the fruit tarts we get at buffets come in soggy crusts (maybe cuz of the wet fruits or the baking method).. but the crusts of the tarts here were hard and crispy at the same time! and not soggy at all! i loved it so much i had 4 even tho i was dam full.. wld haf had more but they din refill when a single tart was left there.. so i just took the last tart.. haha..

the blueberry cheesecake also was not bad.. chenda said one of the choc cake was nice but i din try it.. =(

pls skip the cream puff..

ok.. pple photo bomb time..

happy + full

Open House @ Grand Park Orchard Hotel
Level 4
270 Orchard Road
Singapore 238857

Opens daily from:
Breakfast: 6.00am to 10.30am;
Lunch: 12.00pm to 2.30pm; and
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm.
Was approx. $33++ per adult and $16.50 ++ per child (below 12) for our sunday lunch buffet.. so our bill came up to arnd SGD 230..  i feel $33++ per adult for wkend buffet lunch is quite affordable! i definitely think the buffet is worth the pr =)

next up was ktv with my hall mates @ Kbox Cine! was abt to walk there but it was raining! so we went top shop to take shelter.. and i walked passed A&F for the first time.. and first time only and I spotted a cute A&F model! tall and shuai~ haha.. but too paiseh to go take pic so we din..

and was dam bimbo at top shop! i spent quite a while contemplating whether to rent the top shop umbrella cuz i wasn't coming to orchard the nxt few days so cldn't return it to get my deposit back.. think think think until i din realise tt actually the rain had lessened to a v slight drizzle.. haha.. so in the end i just walked to cine in the drizzle.. haha #bimbo

anyway i was the first to arrive cuz the rest were late! most came at 4 when the ktv started at 3! but nvm cuz they said they'd be late (n got ktv to sing lol).. i dun like when pple dun say in advance.. mad irritating to wait there and wonder where they are..

my hall mates! we don't meet tt often but i love hanging out with them.. no stress at all.. =)
miss them alot.. miss the hall days when it was us in an ulu sch location.. they made my hall life v fun! always haf dinner tog + watch tv.. + have gossip sessions in our rooms.. haha.. and they're really nice pple!

the girls with their hp stuff (can't really see frm here).. but i gave them some earphone pluggies tt i got from CovetedSG.. happy tt they love it!
signing "K" "T" "V"..
the 2 "rui's" (1st 2 from left) took sign language lessons during uni days cuz they joined the Hearing Impaired grp while me and hui ting joined the sight impaired one.. we din need to learn anything.. haha

and this is RT's fave ktv song - Amigos Para Siempre..
the first time she sang it when we went ktv, we all laughed non-stop cuz its so soprano-like.. haha
then frm then onwards, its a must sing song at our ktv sessions

i love ktv-ing w this grp of frens cuz all of us will sing! cuz my other grps of frens got some wun sing one so we dun really go ktv tog..
my OOTD fortt day..
floral maxi dress from F21!
super love it cuz its floral + got sleeves! been looking for a maxi dress in this kinda cut.. so yay!
but the thing is the slip inside is a bit short.. i wore my cotton on black dress inside instead but still v short.. needa get some long slip to wear inside otherwise my legs are for show.. haha

haha.. i cam-whored with the kitty frames! love!
u can get them from  CovetedSG

will blog abt my cousin's wedding soon! =)

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