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aMeiZing Concert in Singapore - 7th Jan 2012

finally ready to blog abt Amei's concert here in Singapore! been bz with CNY, photoshopping for CovetedSG (speaking of which, get ur  iphone covers etc there! v pretty~) and aiya.. other random stuff like the feb photo a day challenge, watching 步步惊心 (Scarlet Heart, my first proper china tv serial!) etc etc..

and i got 40 photos to photoshop for this post!


i attended the Amei aMeiZing Concert on 7 Jan 2012 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with my runnie Kendrya and frens-since-sec-sch Ida! Kendrya was the one to jio us cuz she's a huge Amei fan! i din mind going cuz i like amei songs alot and think she has fab vocals... so i agreed to go with her~

she bot us the most ex category tickets cuz she wanted to get good seats for us and there was a discount.. but end up still paying like 200 dlrs per seat.. my most ex concert ever~ f4 i also nv pay so much! i nearly felt like giving it up cuz a tad too ex la.. but got ridiculous offers like $80, $120.. ke siao..

and i nearly cldn't make it cuz fell sick the day before (same old stomach prob).. but thankfully got slightly better so i cld go.. tho i still had a bit of tummy ache during the concert.. =(

shall let the pics do the talking frm here~

my new hair accessories!
i kid. its actually my "new" (then was new, now not new) hair curling device which i bot frm tpy..
$12 nia..
u're suppose to do it on semi dried hair and leave it for 20 mins..

i think the effect is not bad.. but then it doesn't last..
think must go find a good holding agent to spray on..

kendrya's colleagues (who sat separately frm us) gave us these!
so nice of them =)
somemore gave us a few each and not just 1..

our footwear~ my foot looks disgustingly long.. eeks

tried to hide frm her snapshot..
she say i'm like superstar hiding frm getting my pic taken.. lol

kendrya and i before the concert starts.. so many pple omg

our view was good but the seats were v cramped together (to squeeze more seats in) so we tried to move our chairs away frm our neighbours..
quite funny cuz we moved until the person at the side was almost half a chair width into the aisle.. lol

the stage w/o lightings..

her first appearance in a tribal-like costume..
going back to her roots i guess..

playing the drums!

2nd outfit for the nite... pink + bling.. i like~

sexy dance w her dancer..

and then she asked us all to hide our lightsticks etc..

and whip out our hps and make the screen light up..

and hold our hps front facing..

this was the scene that greeted us..


the pics really don't do it justice..
wat it was really like was a night sky filled with sparkling stars..
dam gorgeous!!

who needs lightsticks *throw lightstick away* haha.. jk

me and kendrya with the star lit background..

i played arnd with photoshop on this pic, cuz was trying to improve it..

i esp like this last one!
used hue/saturation tool on it..

and ida, kendrya and me with the pretty backgrnd!

also used photoshop on this one..

and then she dressed herself up as her alter-ego: AMIT 阿蜜特, which is apparently her aboriginal name..
i dun really like it.. a bit freaky..

and my fave set!
victorian-themed =)
i like, so more pics on this.. heehee

and then she began her medley of Amei-style 情歌! nice~~ esp love these:
听海 (fave of the faves!)

apparently her medley lasted for 40 mins!

she din haf any special guest..
but Huang Ying Ying was in the audience so she invited her onstage and they sang 哭砂 together..
i dunno who she is but i know the song! listened to it when i was young.. i like~
(and huang ying ying really "bao yang" until v good! envious~)

her encore set! motorbike! so cool~

ended with a big big bang... of confetti~

fell all over our seats..
and into my bag! was bz picking it out frm my bag.. haha..

overall i felt the concert was not bad! i really love amei songs although i realise i haven been keeping in touch with them cuz alot of songs she sang, i dunno..

but i din really like her costumes on the whole la.. and she kept pushing the mic to us to sing (which i must say the audience really sing until dam loud.. and for almost all the songs~)..

and her voice was a lil hoarse.. my guess is tt it got tt way after her previous nite's concert (ours was the 2nd nite concert in SG)..

but she's like 40/41 and she still can sing and dance so energetically! kudos to her for tt! and her voice.. really vvvvv gd vocals!

however, no more $200 concerts for me (unless i super super love the artiste.. like if ryan reynolds come for a performance.. lol).. needa save $ and spend it on more practical stuff.. *think, clothes, bags, shoes.. lol*

hope u like the pics~

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