Friday, May 26, 2006

Santa Cruz-ing

Hey people! this is my new blog...set up especially for my santa cruz upcoming adventures... (for those who dunno, my previous blog is will still blog there sometimes.. especially in June, when my photo cap starts from 0 again.. haha)

Anyway, chicky (amy) and i travelled an excrutiating 22hrs before we reached our destination... 4.5h flight to taipei, 2.5h wait at taipei airport, 11h flight to san francisco, 2h wait for our airport transportation and 2h journey to santa cruz beach!

hmm... quite disappointed with my current accomodation... thought that we could stay at the motel cuz jessica (amy's fren) is staying there now... its like a hotel bedroom la... however, we ended up staying in an 'apartment' which is a far cry from s'pore style apartments.. (will post picture of the room and place soon) so chicky and i are sharing room with a sporean girl, rachel... 3 poor souls crammed in a small room with a small bathroom and kitchen... the room is so small that we can't put all our stuff there.. so we hide all our toiletries in the 'closet' and our clothes are still in the luggage.. hai.. dunno how to tahan for 3 mths... but we might be moving into a bigger room for 4 in mid june...

i had serious jet lag last nite.. tink i only slept like 2hrs max... and the nite b4 i left, i slept abt 2hrs.. on the journey (which is one whole day) i slept only 4hrs max... so tt makes 3 days of poor sleep... hai.. feel so exhausted... too tired to enjoy the place.. but still love the weather in the day.. sunny but cooling.. but at nite, its super cold...

anyway, today we had our 'paperwork' orientation.. i've been assigned a job as a ride operator.. heard its boring.. but hope can see some cute ang moh kids.. haha... and i'm going for my drug test tml... and will be starting work tml liao.. (chicky is gonna be doing ticketing... sounds slacky..hahaha... jk).. after the paper work was done, we headed downtown to grab our chinese lunch.. the portions are so huge! we ordered 2 sets... and in the end, we only managed to finish the side dishes... left super alot of rice... so we asked for the box and da pao the rice back for dinner tml... we shopped a bit.. i bought some postcards and a track pants! its like s$25.. not cheap but i tink it looks like those that i can wear go out shopping... plus, can wear for my future gym classes.. haha.. oh.. the beach company had a party for employees today.. had free food and could go on the rides for free! i even got myself a fake tatoo on the ankles... (will post the pic once i upload it.. =))

okie.. here are some of the photos i've taken so far.. enjoy!

P.S. friends, pls leave ur email and home add on my tag board if u haven given me yet.. thankz! =)

:: Chicky n i waiting for our 1st flight... ::

::On EVA air... on the way to taipei::

::yummy lunch on board::::at taipei airport::

::waiting for the airporter @ san francisco airport::

kk.. will post more pics once i upload them k? hopefully tonite i can get a good nite's rest.. =)

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