Monday, May 29, 2006

experience @ work

hey pple.. so sorry for the lack of post... its rather crazy here... reached here on wed and started working on friday.. so din haf time to rest cuz had jet lag.. so far i've worked friday, saturday n sunday.. 3 straight days man.. 8hrs on the 1st, 6.5 on the second and 10h on the 3rd.. and u noe why i had to work 10hrs? cuz i had training from 10am to 2pm.. and after tt, one of my supervisors asked me if i wanna work today (sun) or go back to rest.. den i asked her wat time i had to work until.. and she said 7.. so i said ok i'll work.. and guess wat? they forgot abt me totally... so i was standing there and no one came to replace me.. and i can't leave my ride cuz i was the only one operating it.. and there was no phone at my station.. so i had to try and catch the attention of the nearby ride operators and ask him to help me call for a replacement.. took like 1 hr to try to catch his attention.. actually, i dun mind working late.. but the thing is tt it was super freezing.. my fingers were turning purple even though i had a jacket on and was wearing long pants... AND the previous day, they forgot abt me too.. they forgot to relief me for my 15 mins break loh.. den i see everyone else taking their breaks one by one.. and only me dun haf my 15 mins break.. dam sad... hai... either my stupid suay luck is back or their schedule is dam screwed up..

Oh.. and i'm quite bored out.. cuz like i'm the only asian in my training batch.. and like so dam sian loh.. cuz no one to talk to... but the cool thing is tt we get paid for training.. haha.. so quite shiok... anyway, the first day i was operating this ride called ghost busters... cuz i'm new and dunno how to work the controls, i only could admit pple and help them get seated... had to check their wrist band or collect tix from them then help them put down the safety bar... was really dam boring cuz so monotonous..(is there such a word?) and somemore had to stand the whole time... it didn't help that throughout the semester i was sitting so much.. and somemore my right small toe nail broke cuz i kicked my luggage... so it broke almost 2/3 way... not pain but gross.. dare not pull it out.. haha.. so i juz put plaster.. but when walk with shoes v pain... hai.. but at least now not pain liao..

den the 2nd day i operated this kiddie speed boats by myself... really quite fun to operate a ride on ur own... but i tink i got a bit of language barrier... some ang mohs dun understand me.. dam it.. i tot my spoken english quite good wat... =( den i tried slanging a little.. den they understand betta.. hahaha... but hoh, the kids are dam cute!! their cheeks super rosy.. feel like taking photos but no camera with me during the job.. sian..

today i did sea dragons.. its those like kiddy flying dragons tt go up and down.. haha.. the operation also quite easy loh...

anyway, the company's employee benefits quite good leh... we get discounts on food (even though still dam ex... the first day i din noe how to get discount so i paid USD3.24 for a corn dog! dam... den after i know got disc, i go the store with 40% disc and ate burritos for USD 1.79 only.. wah lau.. US food all so ex one.. so i decide not to convert back to S$.. if not, i wun buy at all.. haha), we get free all day passes for rides, we can even get free passes for family n frens but limited... we get to buy movie tix at disc (but USD7... still not cheap loh..) etc etc!

hai.. but hoh, this whole thing not as fun as i tot it'll be.. maybe it'll get better but for now, quite sian.. still haven gone shopping proper... and haven gone to the beach.. and haven gone running.. although i did walk a lot.. walk to work and back and to supermarket.. haha...

k la.. i'll post more nxt time.. now i put some photos relating to my previous post k.. =)

Dinner @ Yen Flower(the Chinese Restaurant)

After our fright walk @ the employees' party

my fake tatoo

Hai.. dam sian.. most of the photos in amy's camera.. so i'll post only after i get from her k? kk.. post again soon!

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