Friday, August 10, 2012

London 2012 Olympics: Memories~

yes, i've been hit quite badly by the Olympics fever! after all, it only happens once in 4 years, so i've been trying to watch all my fave sports (i.e. those i like to watch, not do, obviously), namely swimming, artistic gymnastics, diving and volleyball! and of cuz i've been watching table tennis also cuz Team Singapore has got a gd team there =)

but london being 7hrs behind SG is not really helping things.. =( oh well..

of cuz, watching sports also leads to scrutinising the atheletes competing in the sports! and i've come up with a list of pple i've found attractive or fascinating to watch!

here goes! will start with the guys!


my absolute favourite last time was Pieter van den Hoogenband from the Netherlands..

but he's not competeing this olympics prob cuz he's like 34 this yr.. which is considerably old for the Olympics! but then again, there are like atheletes who are 36/37 this yr and still competing.. this is like their 6th Olympics already! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!

and also respect to those physically disabled pple competing in this Olympics.. for example, Oscar Pistorius who is the fame blade runner w/o legs.. he can run 400m in abt 45s! i'm ashamed. lol

ok, back to the main topic!

these are my top pick for this Olypics:

:Tom Daley, 18, Great Britain:

he's so good looking! but only 18... sad..

noticed him when he came here for the Youth Olympics 2 yrs ago and glad to see him again this Olympics!

18 only but has sucha good bod!
but i like his pretty boy looks more la..
too bad he din pick up a medal (came in 4th in synchro diving i think)
update: he won bronze in the 3m diving! =)

:Epke Zonderland, 26, Netherlands:

:Artistic Gymnastic - Horizontal Bar:

only noticed him this last few days.. was actually vvvv impressed by his routine on the Horizontal Bar which won him the gold medal. His performance led me speechless! He spun around the bars sooo quickly, did 3 let-go-and-grab-bars-again turns consecutively (usually gymnast only do one, then spin a few more times, then do another one) and dismounted and LANDED STRAIGHT ON HIS FEET WITH NO WOBBLES/UNBALANCE-NESS AT ALL! omg. you have to go find a youtube video of his performance.
after his routine, i noticed he's not bad looking too.. haha

:Ryan Lochte, 28, USA:


this swimmer has been said to be the one to take over Michael Phelps and might be better than Phelps, "especially in the looks department".. heard this somewhere but can't rem where..

he's really not bad looking~

:Marcel Nguyen, 26, Germany:

:Artistic Gymnastics - Parallel Bars:

another pretty boy! and silver medalist at the parallel bars! quite an eye candy to watch.. hehe

:Ryohei Kato, 19, Japan:

:Artistic Gymnastics:

while everyone is hyping over his team mate Kohei Uchimura, i find Ryohei more good looking! at some angles, Uchimura looks a bit like a drug addict, maybe cuz of his dark eye rings..

aiyo.. he's too pretty la.. like those typical japanese pretty boy in those japanese dramas.. haha.. but i think he only competed in the Men's Team Artistic Gymnastics.. din see him qualify for any of the individual events leh..

moving on to the girls...


:Sandra Izbasa, 22, Romania:
:Artistic Gymnastics - Vault:

gold medalist at vault! she's a delight to watcch not only on vault but on all 4 apparatus la.. i think cuz she's one of the taller gymnast and she has long limbs! so looks more graceful.. i prefer to watch taller gymnast perform cuz there's more of them to watch, rather than the smaller size short ones who are not as appealing to watch, idk why.

plus Izbasa is pretty too! like her typical blonde look.. haha

:Aliya Mustafina, 18, Russia:

:Artistic Gymnastics - Uneven Bars :

she's the gold medalist for the uneven bars.. actually she's not tt pretty.. but can't help but notice her cuz of her striking eyes! i call her Aliya "my-eyes-are-so-big-they-look-like-my-little-pony's" mustafina... seriously i find tt her eyes look like those on My Little Ponies! haha.. from some angles la.. esp with the makeup

:Jessica Ennis, 26, Great Britain:


omg look at her abs! 6 pecs? haha..

but i find she's really quite pretty in her own way.. got a bit of the Maggie Q feel..

heard she's like a popular model for british mags etc

and i think she competes in a number of fields in atheletics.. lihai!

that's abt all the atheletes i've noticed this olympics thus far..

also want to do a special mention to our Table Tennis Women Team!

the bronze medalists this Olympics! last yr was Silver but nvm~

Wang Yue Gu, Feng Tianwei and Li Jiawei

and of cuz, the most lihai one amgst them (imo) is Feng Tianwei who won the Women's individual Bronze too!

the one on the left is Jing Jun Hong, a previous tanle tennis representative of Singapore at the Olympics, now coach of the table tennis women's team!

there has been alot of criticism on them being China nationals and thus, there's nothing for Singapore to be proud of.. but we cannot deny that they have represented Singapore well this Olympics! so i'm still quite thankful tt they have won for Singapore 2 bronze medals, the most ever Singapore has ever won at any Olympics! but then again, i guess many will be much more proud if a born and breed Singaporean wins at the Olympics.. i'm sure Singaporeans can do it! =)

oh, and this Olympics have been rather interesting so far.. with 2 major contraversy i've heard:

First, the clock malfunction which cost the Korean fencer to lose out on a medal.. wth.. it was so obvious it was a malfunction but they still gave the win to her opponent.. poor girl was left crying.. when they realise their mistake a few days later, they wanted to offer her a special medal but the girl did not want to accept. Agree with her! why shld she settle for a consolation when she cld've gotten at least a Silver medal!

Second, the 8 badminton female players who threw their games at the group rounds, in order to compete with weaker opponents in the quarterfinals which would then help them proceed into semis.. i watched the match where China played against Korea.. it was quite obvious that the China team had planned to do so from the start and the Korea probably only followed suit.. cause the Korean coach complained to the umpire abt the China players not putting in efforts while the China Coaches din do anything, as if they were in on it too.. and the quality of their play was really v bad.. with the China pair tt was touted to be #1, tt kinda play was TOO obvious tt they were trying to lose..

end up, they were all disqualified for not putting in their best... felt they deserved it la.. its the Olympis after all.. and one of the China players still commented that the IOC had dashed her dreams.. wth rite.. the IOC was not the one who ask you to play foul, hello?

Ok, enough on Olympics for now~ 2-3 more days of Olympics and then its back to my hongkong dramas.. lol

Enjoy your National Day weekend! =)


.qian. said...

omg pieter is my fav too!! was totally crazy over him during Sydney 2000! *hearts* lols.

nods on Tom and Marcel and Ryan and Sandra toos!

u forgot Maria Sharapova! haha

Jaxine Khoo said...

ya! pieter was the best! haha.. the only olympian who left an impression in my mind (oh another russian gymnast too but i forgot her name..)

din watch tennis so din catch Maria Sharapova on screen..