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16th June 2012: Birthday Celebration!

i'm back from manila/boracay! been back for > a week but only got the time now to blog.. haha..

and i have soooooo many photos frm my trip, i dunno where to start!

sooo.. gonna blog abt my bday celebrations first, which took place before my trip! actually my bday was in the mid of the trip but we celebrated it early cuz i wldn't be in spore then..

decided on a staycation (again) celebration, this time at MBS! my cousin managed to get us a room there! happy cuz i've been wanting to go to the skypark to see the infinity pool after seeing so many pics of it!

us on the way to pick up my bday cake then head to MBS to check-in

bday cake this yr came from Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill
was thinking of wat bday cake to get so i decided to check out ladyironchef's blog and i read his post and how he mentioned that this is one of the best cake in Spore!
more abt the cake below..

also bot 2 ice cheese tarts to try and they are yums!
pls eat them straight out of the freezer cuz i think they'll taste the best tt way

Flor Patisserie
#01-01, 2 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089588

Phone: +65 6223 8628 Fax: +65 6223 5248

Business hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11am- 7pm
Sunday (Public Holidays): 11am- 6pm


apparently they have an outlet at Takashimaya B2 Food Hall too.. so you can check them out there =)

after collecting the cake, we went to MBS to check in...

someone looks bored waiting.. lol

and this was the view tt greeted us once we stepped into the room...

gorgeous city view!

so gorgeous, so must camwhore with the view.. lol

and pics of the rest of the room......

 sis admiring the view..

after settling down, we went for a lil "swim" (more like dip only) at the infinity pool! The skypark's located at the 57th floor!

apparently earlier tt week, there was a Dutch tourist who fell to his death from MBS.. was quite shocked to hear of such news the very week we were going there! but thankfully all was fine tt day =)

the view is just spectacular!
but it was very crowded.. zzz

and very hot, apparently.. haha

the infinity pool, which didn't disappoint!
so nice! you MUST go there if u get the chance to!

me being a paparazzi!
model-like ang moh couple kissing! lol

 dip dip! lol

 secret of the infinity pool revealed!
frm far it looks like the pool extends right to the edge of the building..
but once u swim to the supposed edge, u can see tt it is not the edge of the building!
beyond tt brick-like wall, there is still the continuation of the building... so its like the pool is actually in the mid of the building (or maybe somewhat closer to one side of the building) and not at the edge..
ok, maybe everyone alrdy know this, except me.. haha

so gorgeous! doesn't seem like spore to me..
more like california somehow..

look like a whale tt swam up the jk!

after our lil dip, we went back to our hotel room to get ready for dinner!

lemme just say tt Changi Village Hotel is DAM FAR! omg... we drove like 45mins to 1 hr from MBS to get there? seemed even further than Changi airport! and when we reached there, we had a lil trouble getting a parking lot.. let's just say if there's no reason to go there, i wldn't wanna go there so often.. lol

dinner was at La Cantina italian restaurant at Changi Village Hotel. Been wanting to try their famous crabmeat linguine since my last birthday but din get to cuz they were closed on my bday =( but it's ok, cuz i finally got to try it! we speculate that this is the crabmeat linguine that @xiaxue always raves abt..

these were taken outside the restaurant

and a sneak peek of the interior..
its a rather small restaurant but decor is not bad..


food photo spam now... consider yourself warned.. lol

cream of mushroom soup

 tomato bruschetta
mushroom and ham pizza

 4 cheese pizza..

some chicken dish..

crabmeat linguine!!

seriously almost ALL the dishes are dam delish! (but i din really like the chicken dish.. and the linguine can get a bit too jelat (too creamy))
i esp like the bruschetta! =)
really not a wrong decision to have my bday dinner here! you can consider having urs here too..

its a bit pricey tho (usual for italian cuisine).. we spent abt S$33-34 per pax tt day..

La Cantina in Venezia

1 Netheravon Road
#08/09-02 Changi Village Hotel
Tel: +65 6546 9190


and then it was time for cake cutting!!

my pretty pretty strawberry bday cake from Flor Patisserie!
it even has a ribbon~ i like!

making bday wishes!

and this is my.. "oh there's a ribbon!" expression..
AFTER blowing the candles then I realised the cake was faced the wrong way all along.. -_-

*cut cut*

i love the cake!
its rather light so if u like light cakes, this is the cake for u!
but then if u dun like whipped cream, then maybe u shldn't get this cake cuz there's quite alot of whipped cream (tho it doesn't feel as sinful as normal whipped cream.. guess its cuz its made by a jap baker..)

after that, it was back to MBS.. we decided to go to the skypark again to have a look at the night view..

OH!! in the lift up to the skypark, we saw 2 young girls from china and 2 jap guys (one youngish and one middle aged).. at first we tot they were all jap tourist and were like friends/family.. then we realised tt they were not.. frm their "convo" we gathered tt the 2 girls were frm china and the guys from jap.. and they were trying to communicate to each other to find out wat level the guys rooms were!! we then realised tt the 2 girls were prostitutes! lol.. dam interesting! first time seeing such "action" at close proximity..

ok, back to the night view.. lol

pretty ain't it??

then it was zzz time~

next day, we checked out and went for brunch at Beanstro @ MBS!

lovely seats by the indoor "river" side..

sis and me had one set of egg benny each..
its not tt nice.. can give it a miss..
Arbite's one wins hands down!

my double choc ice-blended..
they gave me the coffee one cuz i pointed to tt apparently (din know cuz din state tt its coffee!)
but they were v nice to help me change it to the non-coffee version FOC..

 chenda's big breakfast..
she said its not tt nice too..

 guess tt means the nicest food is the fries!
yay to skinny fries!
and the dip is yums too.. some mayo + mustard dip..

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Beanstro

Canal Level, B2-20
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: +65 6688 7001

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 10am - 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am - 2am


after tt, we went shopping! bot a nice MANGO bag! pics next time..

okie, will blog abt my trip next =)

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