Saturday, July 21, 2012

And the birthday celebration continues!

dam lazy to sieve through my 1001 philippine trip photos.. so decided to blog abt my other bday celebrations first.. hehe

::30th June 2012, Saturday::

Met up with my "cousin" (actually, niece) chicky together with my sis for our yearly traditional bday celebrations! everytime its one of our bday, we will meet up for a meal and the bday girl will hafta treat..

this time round, i was deciding between wild honey, tonkatsu by ma maison and ippudo cuz i haven dined @ the revamped mandarin gallery before! (yes, mountain tortise i know) so we went to put our name at wild honey's waiting list first.. was told the waiting time wld be 1 hr.. then we went to ippudo to queue but it looked like it'd be a long wait.. so we went to tonkatsu which seated us almost immediately! yay~

Tonkatsu, as the name suggests, sells mainly ton-katsu sets! (not too sure if they sell anything else, didn't pay close enough attention) The stuff there are rather pricey.. one ton-katsu set costs arnd SGD 29 to 32!

But there are also the mixed sets which we ordered (chicky and sis were kinda influenced by my "you can order wat u wan... but rem when its ur turn to treat.." lol)! these costs abt SGD 24-25 each and came with mixed fried items, instead of just one kinda meat..

this was mine! i got the pork rosu and ebi set!
and opted for multi grain rice which was yums!

sis'.. think hers was 3 kinda  mixed meat.. (2 were pork)

and chicky's which was the ebi and pork fillet one i think..

all the sets came with free flow miso soup and cabbage! the cabbage is quite good, esp with the sesame sauce =)

but then the tonkatsu itself was only ok we felt.. nothing totally fantastic.. but still passable so you can go try if u're interested! (staff not exactly the friendliest, esp the manager! waitress still quite friendly.. n they actually hanged up the phone on me w/o a bye or thanks when i wanted to make reservations! i hadn't even finish talking!)

dessert tt day was this tea jelly thingy which was rather refrshing..

thanks chicky for the bday pressies! a lovely PINK bag and a lovely PINK shampoo/body wash container with pump from Franc Franc!

the black border arnd the Franc Franc container is actually a plastic sheet cover which is to be removed.. but it looks nicer with the border so i just left it there.. lol

TONKATSU by Ma Maison

#02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery

 Tel:(65) 67334541

after tt, went for some shopping @ H&M!
i bot 2 basic top with lace panels.. bot the same top cuz i cldn't decide between mint and black =)

arm candy of the day! all from Boracay.. hehee..
my dress tt day was frm Manila! only SGD 12~

after tt, went to catch the Amazing Spiderman which was AMAZING #pun! it was sooo captivating i didn't even realise tt 2 hrs had passed by~ love emma stone... and spidey was shuai too la, but too skinny....

bot the bracelet and the top pearl chain (came together) for SGD 4.90 at cine!

and also bot this ring for SGD 3 at cine.. love~

::14th July 2012, Saturday::

met my lovely hall mates for lunch! we actually wanted to go to Wild Honey or GoodWood Park Hotel for the buffet lunch but both were fully booked!.. so we made reservations at Delicious @ Scotts Squre cuz my fren suggested it... she noticed it when she was there the last time and said it was rather quiet.. so wld be conducive for catching up!

the cafe theme was abit garden-like
had empty bird cages (those decor kind) hanging arnd the cafe..
decor was not bad~

true enough, it was rather quiet, it being Saturday, lunch time and at orchard! we met at 1pm and the cafe was like only 1/8 filled... but it was maybe 1/2 filled at 2+pm..

guess its cuz not many pple goes to Scotts Square.. those who do, prob go there for a specific cafe/shop..

The restaurant serves fusion cuisine - mixed between malay and western.

RT's assam fish with rice!

 HT's chilli hot dog..

RL's English Fish  n Chips..

 my spicy crabmeat linguine..
i asked for less spicy but it was still quite spicy!
its quite fusion tasting cuz the sauce taste quite asian.. a bit like assam taste
not bad tho!

tf's steak!

their food is not bad, rather average but passable! but then their stuff are really quite affordable (my dish was like SGD 15 which was lower than the usual pasta prices at italian restaurants) and they came in huge portions!

was sooooo full so we chatted and then ordered desserts only at 3+pm.. lol

 we ordered the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and the sticky date pudding with ice cream and caramel sauce..
we also had an ice-cream sundae which was FOC.. some DBS promotion where u get it free if u spend a certain amt..

all were not bad but we OD-ed on vanilla ice-cream lol

Delicious Cafe

  #B1-16 to19, Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road, 228209 Singapore
T: +65 6636 0903 F: +65 6636 0913

  MON-SUN & PH: 11.00am - 9.00pm

the girls! missed the days where we were only separated by the bathroom! (our rooms in hall were connected by a bathroom)

all who were present tt day..
too bad PB cldn't make it last min due to work..

PB actually finished work late 3+pm.. he messaged us  this:

haha.. he said he was very smelly..
so we all decided to play with him and messaged this all at the same time:

was just teasing him la!
but seriously we were leaving soon so din think it was worth it for him to make a trip down..

and then someone tot to all send him a smiley face.. lol

this really made me laugh hard tt day! esp HT! she really laughed until "hen kai xin|..

really great to have friends whom you can act all silly arnd! and we really had sucha great talk tt day.. many personal stuff were shared.. love such close heart-to-heart talk =)

ending this post with some random pics:

proud of my self-mani! but left hand only.. right had a lil messy..

olive oil hand cream from Korea! gift from RT who just went there for a hol =)

my OTTD that day.
Floral off-shoulder top from Terranova @ Manila (arnd SGD15-17? can't rem)
and my black denim skirt from Dorothy Perkins..
bag is from Mango which i mentioned in an earlier post! SGD 49.. but i like it alot cuz its roomy (can put my 101 things) and soft!

some cam-whoring shots cuz i wanted to make use of the headband i bot frm boracay (SGD 4.50, not cheap)

made this my instagram/twitter dp =)

so many things to blog abt but so lil time! will try to do the manila/boracay posts soon

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